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Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier

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    Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) 2010 Doctoral Fellowship Canadian Network for Innovations in Education (CNIE) AMTEC Trust Award: Integrating assistive technology tools into pre-service teacher education: Developing efficacy in assessment for learning. (Kraglund-Gauthier & MacLeod)

Faculty Members and Their Research Interests

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Irène Bernard, Full Professor, PhD

    French education; second language methodology; francophone culture; women’s role in culture maintenance and culture transmission

Andrew Foran, Associate Professor, PhD

Bosire Mwebi

Research Projects

2010: Nova Scotia’s Department of Addiction Services ($9400). Principal Investigator: Exploring the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours towards substance, drugs, alcohol and sexual activity among first year university students.

2009: Strait Regional School Board and Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority ($11250). Principal Investigator: Development, piloting, and evaluation of comprehensive school health education handbook for teachers.

Elizabeth Munroe

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Book, Thesis, Course Guide, Research Reports, and Dissertation

    Munroe, E. (2002). Factors influencing the success of the Calgary-based advisory committee for the University Child Care Centre TLC 3 Project. Research Report

    Munroe, E. (1997). Enhancing the passing moments. Unpublished PhD dissertation, The University of Calgary

Katarin MacLeod

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Refereed Publications

    K. MacLeod, A Practical Example to Understand Momentum in 1D: The Watergun Experiment. Physics Education., 42, (5), 492-495, 2007.

    K. MacLeod and J. Allison, The Historian and the Physicist: A Critical Review of Pre-Service Education Teaching Practices from the Perspective of New Faculty. Submitted to Teaching and Teacher Education, Ms. Ref. No.: TATE-D-08-00440.

Laura-Lee Kearns

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I. Research Publications (Published or Accepted)

    Kearns , L., and Anuik, J. (accepted). Métis Curricular Challenges and Possibilities: A Discussion Initiated by First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education Policy in Ontario. Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies.

David Young

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Ryan, T.G., & Young, D.C. (in progress). The online post-secondary educator: Stories from within. Champaign, IL: Common Ground.

Chapters in Refereed Books:

Young, D.C. (2013). Physical education, safety, and the law (pp. 177-190). In D.B. Robinson & L.M. Randall (Eds.), Teaching physical education today: Canadian perspectives. Toronto, Canada: Thompson.