English Department Guidelines

The English Department’s role is shaped by the requirements of the various degree programs offered at this University. These have developed as St. F.X. University has worked out its own role as a liberal arts university, with a calculated balance between specialization and diversity.

Students in various degree programs may choose to take a single “elective” English course. They may choose 12 credits in English courses (a “Pair”) or they may choose 18 credits in English electives. If English is a “minor” in a Major or an Advanced Major program, students choose 24 credits of courses (minor). Students choosing English as the “subsidiary subject” in an Honours program must register in 24 credits in English, with at least 6 credits at the 300 or 400 level. The link to Degree Patterns (see above left) applies to all students taking English as a minor or subsidiary subject; minor students do not have to meet requirements regarding course subject, but students taking English as a subsidiary subject should consult the Degree Patterns (link above left). Students registered in Honours English program will earn 60 credits in English courses which must also meet the degree requirements as described in the Degree Patterns link.

Beginning in the 2013-2014 academic term, all course patterns will normally begin with either English 100 "Introduction to Literature and Critical Writing" (six credits) or English 111/112 "Literature and Academic Writing I and II (three credits each). These courses introduce students to the critical tools and methods of literary study, including close reading and argumentative writing. Students will learn about the history of genres (e.g. poetry, drama, and the novel) and forms of literature (e.g. tragedy, realism). Texts may include the earliest writing in English to more recent works in various media. English 111 and 112 do not have to be taken in the same year, but 111 is a pre-requisite for 112.  Credit will be granted for only one of ENGL 100, ENGL 110 or ENGL 111/112. Both English 100 and English 111/112 count as prerequisites for all subsequent English courses.

(Revised July 2016)