Ally Network Alumni

Below is a list of LGBT Ally Alumni. These are people who have completed the Positive Space training and are no longer students or staff at StFX.


Allen, Jackie
StFX Alumni (2007)
Anderson, Lyndsay
Residence Life, STFX (2008)
Arnou, John
Student Life Coordinator, StFX (2007)
Babineau, Amy
StFX Student
Britten, Sara
StFX Student, School of Education (2007)
Burns, Kimberly
X-Pride, StFX Student
Campbell, Lori
StFXU Student (Alumni 2007)
Carpenter, Sarah
X-Pride, StFX
Carson, Heather
Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre, On the Road to Employment Co-ordinator (2004/05)
Casey, Julia
StFX English Student
Casey, Tara
X-Pride, StFX Student (Alumni 2007)
Chisholm, Caitlin
Sr. Resident Assistant, StFX (2004-2005)
Clark, Kate
StFX Student
Crawford, Laura
StFX English Student
Crouse, Hollie
StFXU Student
Crowley, Meghan
X-Pride, StFX Student (Alumni 2007)
Daberer, Chris
StFX Residence Life Coordinator, Lane Hall & MacIsaac Hall (2004-2005)
Dalton, Michael
VP Student Relations, StFX Student Union (2005)
Doucet, Carrie
StFX Student (Alumni 2007)
Dove, Amy
Editor-in-Chief, The Xaverian Weekly (2004-2005)
Duncan, Carson
StFX Professor, Business
Flynn, Laurie
StFX Systems Administrator
Fraser, Natalie
StFX Student, Students’ Union
Fyles, Alison
Gaukel, Amy
StFX Residence Life Coordinator
Hawkin, Kate
StFX Student, RA – Chillis (2004-2005)
Heerema, Allen
StFX Student
Itembu, Taimi
StFXU Student (Alumni 2007)
Keeping, Allison
StFX Student
Keith, Joanna
StFX Residence Assistant (2004-2005)
Kitchen, Robert
Dean of Students, StFX (2004-2005)
Latchmore, Victoria
StFX Student / R.A. (2004-2005)
Luker, Jana
VP Student Services, StFX (2007)
MacDonald, Amy
StFX Student (Alumni 2007)
MacDonald, Barb
Coordinator of Residence Services, StFX
MacDonald, Betsy
StFX Student (Alumni 2007)
MacDonald, Erin
4th year Biology Student, StFX
MacDonald, Heather
Psychology Student, StFX (Alumni 2007)
MacDonald, Heidi
Counselor, StFX Counselling Centre (2007)
MacDonald, Jillian
X-Helpline Coordinator, StFX (2005-2006)
MacDonald, Katie
StFXU Student (Alumni 2007)
MacDonald, Teresa
StFX Student
MacGregor, Janna
 StFX Student (Alumni 2005)
MacKinnon, Jennifer
StFX Student, School of Education (Alumni 2007)
MacLaughlin, Sarah
Vice President Executive StFX Students' Union
MacLellan, Kristin
StFX Student
MacMillan, Geraldine
StFXU Student
MacPhee, Christa
StFX Student, School of Education (Alumni 2007)
MacPherson, Sarah
VP Communications, StFX Students' Union
MacRae, Chelsea
StFX Student
Mann, Kyrie
X-Pride, StFX Student (Alumni 2008)
Martin, Heidi
StFX Student, VP Student Relations/Students Union
Miller, Rebecca
Psychology Student, StFX
Milne, Amanda
VP Activities and Events, StFX Students' Union (2005)
Morrison, Ericka
4th year Psychology Student, StFX
Malhotra, Kuli
Manager, Conference and Food Services, Sodexho ( to 2007)
Pavey, Lila
Student, StFXU VP Student Union (Alumni 2007)
Perry, Thomas
Popwell, Kendra
StFX Student
Raamat, Skai
StFX Residence Life Coordinator
Stewart-Stanec, Amanda
Professor, StFX School of Edcuation (to 2008)
Stark, Janet
StFX Registrar
Stirling, Therese
StFX Student
Stone, Emma
StFX Student
Tracey, Laurinda
StFX Student
Tschirhart, Aaron
VP Finance, StFX Students' Union
Vint, Sherryl
StFX Professor, English (to 2007)
Ward, Ash
StFX Student
Wile, Verlie
StFX Aboriginal Student Advisor