Frequently Asked Questions

The Positive Space Program brings visibility and support to LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Questioning) communities. Participants in this program will receive a sticker or a pin to post at the entrance to their work, living, or study area, or to wear on their person. This sticker or button indicates that they are LGBTQ-positive and able to provide information and referrals. The presence of these stickers and buttons in our community raises awareness of the differences that exist and sensitizes others to the presence of both subtle and overt forms of heterosexism and transphobia.

  1. Who Runs This Program?

    This program is coordinated out of the Human Rights and Equity Office at St. Francis Xavier University.

  2. Who should participate in the Positive Space Program?

    All members and organizations within the community who appreciate gender and sexual diversity are encouraged to become involved in this program. This includes service providers, community members, St.FX students, faculty and staff, teachers, etc. The use of both buttons and stickers allows flexibility around either identification of a space or a person as positive.

  3. What does it mean if someone is not displaying a sticker or a button?

    An individual who chooses not to display a sticker should not be assumed to be unsupportive of the issue. They may not be aware of the campaign, or they may not be accustomed to displaying stickers or buttons, or may not have control over this decision.

  4. How do I become involved in this program?

    Interested participants should contact the Human Rights and Equity Office at StFX to check on upcoming training sessions. They may be able to suggest other ways for you to become involved as well! Contact information for the Equity Office is listed below:

    VACANT, Human Rights & Equity Advisor
    Tel: (902) 867-5306

    544A, MacKinnon Hall

  5. What are my responsibilities if I display a sticker?

    Posting a sticker indicates your general support of this issue. If you are approached by an individual who needs counseling or support beyond what you can realistically provide, you should not hesitate to refer them on to other resources.

  6. What do the positive space logos mean?

    The sticker logo consists of an inverted rainbow triangle with the words “Positive Space, HATE-FREE ZONE, harassment, discrimination, ridicule or intolerance based on gender identity or sexual orientation not welcome here”. The 6-coloured rainbow is representative of the Rainbow Flag which is a common symbol of LGBT pride and support. The triangle is a reminder of the black and pink triangles that were used to mark lesbians and gay men in Nazi concentration camps.

    The Rainbow “Ally” pin indicates that the person wearing it is a participant in this program. An ally is an individual who is supportive of LGBTQ communities. This person may be LGBTQ identified or not.

  7. What might others think of my gender identify or sexual orientation?

    A long-term goal of this campaign is to create an environment where this question does not need to be an issue. Straight individuals are being encouraged to join with sexual and gender minorities in challenging these oppressions. This campaign asks people to think about why these types of labels make people uncomfortable. Being seen as being “different” is difficult for many individuals, and program participants, whether straight or LGBTQ, must decide if they are willing to be seen as aligned with the LGBTQ community.