What is an Ally?

What is my Comfort Level? is a short quiz that an Ally can take to see where their comfort level is with different situations. 

5 tips for being an Ally, a short video about how to be an ally to the LGBTQIAP community, in the video it talks about a marginalized minority group. Video length: 3:31

Why is an Ally important? A video that talks about the importance of being an Ally, and having Allies in school. Video length: 0:32.  

Shh! Silence Helps Homophobia, is a video about LGBTQIAP Youth in Scotland, as part of the education asking students to stand up against Homophobia. Video Length: 7:02.

How to be a trans Ally, this website will provide you with further videos and information. 

Here is a website that has "6 Steps to a Trans-Friendly Campus

Transgender Etiquette is a PDF that gives the do's and don't's of behaviour and responses around transgender people. It is not meant to put transgenders into a different category of making people constantly watch their behaviour but to educate others on what pronouns to use and the likes. 

Here is the Facebook page for Trans Justice for Nova Scotia

Here is a link that can provide you with multiple videos about anti-stigma, featuring Bisexuals.

If you are looking to spread the word about the Get Real movement, here is a short St. FX promotional video, its length is 1:34. 

Love has no Labels. This is a cute little video, it has two people stand behind a screen where only their skeletons are showing, the skeletons kiss and it's shown that they were a gay couple. The couples following them are everything diversity can offer, showing that you cannot judge pure love. Video length 3:19

My Door Sign is a website that disucsses all-gender washroom signage with a large variety of different resources and information. 

Dalhousie University has starting to have all-gender washrooms, here is a website on why and where you can find them on campus. 

Western University in Ontario has also started to have all-gender washrooms, this PDF contains information as to why it started having all-gender washrooms as well as where you can find them on campus. 

Vancouver Island University in British Colombia has also started to convert all single user washrooms to all-gender washrooms.