First Person Accounts

This video is about a tender age boy rapping about how he came out as transgender, there are small subtitles in the bottom left corner. Video length 1:43. 

Here are the links to a series of videos on Jazz, the transgender teen, and her family titled: I am Jazz. 

Part 1: Length: 14:45

Part 2: Length: 14:44

Part 3Length: 12:57

Here is the link to an article and video about an 11 year old transgender boy in Edmonton returning to school. Video length: 2:32

A spoken word poem done by two people showing the personal struggle transgender people face. Video Length: 2:44.

The following is a video about two transgender people (Arin and Katie), who eventually date after supporting each other through the process of gender reassignment surgeries. Video Length: 3:01.

Here is an interview of the same transgender couple, Arin and Katie and about their love life. Video length: 3:06

Being me is a documentary about a transgender girl in Australia. Video length: 42:53.

The following link is a Tumblr page titled: What I love about being Queer. It shares different stories, and personal accounts from Queer people.

GLSEN report about rural LGBTQIAP youth. 

Ask Me is a video about what university students wished their professors asked, or knew about them. Note: this video could also be in Level 2: What is an AllyVideo Length: 11:50

Here is a add shot in a first person prespective to help promote marriage equality in Australia by GetUp! Video length 1:55.