Understanding Oppression

Here is a video about what it would be like if being straight was the minority, narrated by the main role of the video. Video length: 19:12 Warning: there is self harm and the video deals with suicide. 

Everyday transgender people can feel oppressed by what washroom they are forced to use, this website discusses all-gender washrooms and signage

Here is another link about all-gender washrooms, the video shows one womans struggle to make these washrooms widespread not just in her region of LA, or America, but globally. Video length: 3:31

Here is a document from Western University in Ontario that deals with their incorporation of all-gender washrooms

In 2012 Nova Scotia government passed an act to protect transgender rights from being oppressed and violated. Here is a link that discusses the protection in the Human Rights Act.

Safe Schools Coalition produces reports on a variety of LGBTQIAP subjects in school settings dealing with bullying and other oppressions the students face. 

Here is an EGALE Survey on Homophobia.  

Inequities in Educational and Psychological Outcomes Between LGBTQ and Straight Students in Middle and High School is a paper written about the mental health issues that LGBTQIAP people face in Middle and High School and how they are at greater risks of mental health issues than their straight peers. 

Homophobia and Hetrosexism in a College of Education: a Culture of Fear, a Culture of Silence is a paper written about hetronormativity and the attitudes towards members of the LGBTQIAP community in an American College.