Understanding Terms

Transgender Terminology is a PDF that gives the definiton for a number of things like FtM to discussing what is Queer, Drag Kings, transitioning. 

The following link goes to a Youtube video where someone is interviewing a FtM transgender about general questions. Video Length: 7:23

Reteaching Gender and Sexuality is a video about how LGBTQIAP is more than just letters, and more than just what is on the service. Video length: 2:47 

Gender map is a video about understanding and navigating gender. Video length: 3:30

Facebook adding new gender options. Also discussing the difference between gender and sex. Video length: 2:22.

Here is a video titled: Ask an Asexual Person. It consists of 'common' questions that Asexual people have to answer on a regular basis from people they encounter. Video length: 2:52

What's it like to be Intersex. This video discusses questions and issues Intersex people face. Video length: 3:25. Warning: there is frank dicussion with some light joking done by Intersex people about their sexuality.