What is the Positive Space Program?

Positive Space Program is a program that hopes to be able to educate members of all communities on different LGBTQIAP matters, as well as how to be an Ally to the LGBTQIAP community. Positive Space is divided into three levels that you can complete. 

Positive Space Level 1: You learn terms, such as LGBTQIAP which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/ Two-Spirited, Questioning/ Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and Pansexual. You also hear from first person accounts, in these accounts you learn about the individuals process of 'coming out' as well as different expereinces they have faced as a someone who is LGBTQIAP. Finally you will learn about the oppression these people face. 

Positive Space Level 2: you learn about how to become an Ally to the LGBTQIAP community, this goes beyond just being a friend. Level 2 also teaches ADRT, which stands for Anti-Discrimination Response Training. This training can help prevent further bullying LGBTQIAP people may face on a daily basis. 

Positive Space Level 3: This is called Train the Trainer. If you wish to become a trainer then you must take this level, it will teach you how to teach the communities that you go into and give you different resources.