Preventative Maintenance

A planned and controlled program of periodic inspections, adjustment, lubrication and replacement of parts as well as performance testing and analysis.

•Includes corrective measures such as repair or replacement of obsolete, worn or broken building systems.

•Critical in identifying and submitting requests for capital funding for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) upgrades, electrical upgrade and energy conservation programs.

•Some of these activities include;

  •  Monthly and quarterly inspections of all elevators.
  •  Biannual inspections, lubrication and belt replacement on all washers and dryers.
  •  Twice a week - inspection of all mechanical and electrical room equipment & systems.
  •  Annual infra red testing of electrical panels and high voltage equipment.
  •  Biannual inspections and cleaning of all roof drains.
  •  Annual cleaning and vacuum of storm sewers.
  •  Annual inspections and replacement of steam traps.
  •  Annual inspection of fire alarm systems and sprinkler systems.
  •  Annual inspection and flushing of fire hydrants.
  •  Biannual inspection of all kitchen and cooking equipment.
  •  Monthly air filter replacement is all AHU’s.

 The objective of Facilities Management is to reduce the frequency of unscheduled breakdowns and downtime of critical equipment and systems.