Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a bursary?

    A bursary is a non-repayable financial award for students who qualify.

  2. What is a bursary for?

    A bursary is intended to assist students who are in financial need and unable to cover the associated costs of attending university. It is not intended to assist students with costs that are unrelated to attending university.

  3. Who is eligible to apply?

    Any full-time student at St. Francis Xavier can apply. All Canadian and International students are eligible subject to the criteria of the particular bursary.

  4. How can I get a bursary?

    Information about bursaries is available on the Financial Aid website along with an on-line application that is submitted electronically.  A seperate application must be submitted for each bursary. 

  5. How often can I apply?

    You can apply once for each of the bursaries that you are eligible for. Submit your application in time for the deadline of each bursary you are applying for.

  6. What information do I need to submit with my application?

    Simply enter your information on the on-line application form and click submit.  No further documentation is required at the time of application.  Please note, students may be asked to provide proof of student loan or line of credit funding amounts. 

  7. What is the value of a bursary?

    The dollar amount can vary depending on the individual bursary and the financial need of the student. Most bursaries average $500.00 in value.

  8. If my application is successful, how do I get the money?

    When you apply for a bursary, you have the option to tell us if you would like the funds applied directly to your student account or if you would like a cheque sent to your campus mailbox. If you have an outstanding balance, or if the bursary criteria require it, the funds may be applied to your student account regardless of what you indicate on your application. If you receive a bursary and have questions about how the funds will come to you, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

    All students, whether living on campus or off, are assigned a campus mailbox.  If you are unsure of your campus mailbox number or how to access it, please visit the Campus Post Office located on the first floor of Bloomfield Centre.  Bursary cheques cannot be held for pick-up at any other location on campus. 

  9. Will receiving a bursary affect my student loan?

    Receiving a bursary under $600.00 will not affect your student loan. However, you must report the award to the Student Loan Office.

  10. If I received a renewable bursary last year, do I have to apply for it again this year?

    Yes, you do have to apply again. It is important that the bursary committee has a current application on file for each academic year, as you must continue to meet the criteria as required to renew your bursary. Applicants should indicate within their response to the bursary critera section of the online application form that they are a past recipent of the award and wish to renew. It is the student's responsibilty to reapply by the stated deadline for a bursary, late submissions will not be accepted.  Renewable bursary payments will be processed only after the deadline has passed and will not be awarded early.