Bursaries Due in September 2017

September 4th
St. Martha's Hospital School of Nursing Alumni and Sisters of St. Martha Bursary
This bursary is available to full-time students who demonstrate financial need. The recipient must be a hard working student who is registered in the BSC in Nursing program (post-degree, 4-year or accelerated) at StFX entering their second, third or fourth year and have achieved a minimum average of 70% during his or her previous year of study.
Award Value: up to $1000

September 27th

Single Parents/Married Students Bursary
This award is available to full-time students with demonstrated need who are single parents. If that criteria cannot be filled, then married students will be considered.
Award Value: up to $500
Students’ Union On-Campus Day Care Bursary
This award is available to full-time students who have a child (children) enrolled in the On-Campus Day Care Program for the full academic year and have demonstrated financial need. The bursary will be awarded in two installments, once per term, and paid directly to the daycare. If full-time enrollment of the student or child ceases in the second term the student will forfeit their second installment.
Award Value: up to $1000 
StFX Association of University Teachers Bursary
This award is available to undergraduate students. The amount of the bursary will be equal to the cost of one 3-credit course. Recipients will be chosen based on their demonstration of financial need, as outlined in their application essay (financial background section of the online application).
Award Value: equal to the tuition cost of a 3-credit course, $854 in the 2017-18 academic year.
Paul Dole Memorial Bursary
This award will be paid to a first year student at StFX demonstrating financial need. Preference will be given to students enrolled in 18 or more credits for the academic year. Applicants must be willing to make a commitment to give back to society in some form later in life and sign an acceptance commitment which states the following:
I, (Bursary Recipient), as a member of the StFX community, continue to commit myself to the pursuit of excellence in our academic, social and spiritual lives. I shall exemplify the Xaverian spirit of honesty, respect in my treatment of others, and generosity in my contribution to the community. As a Xaverian, preparing myself for a life of thought and service, I shall strive to embody the words of St. Paul, and dedicate myself to the pursuit of  “whatsoever things are true, noble, good, and worthy of praise.”  
Award Value: up to $2000
Alex and Mary Kell Bursary
This award will be paid to a full-time student in their final year at StFX who is intending to enter a seminary for the purpose of studying towards the Catholic Priesthood. In the event that in any given year there is no qualifying student the funds are to be distributed to any senior student in financial need.
Award Value: up to $500 
Angus J. Kell Bursary
This award will be paid to a full-time first year student of StFX who has been a resident of the town or county of Antigonish for at least five years. Applicants must submit letters of recommendation from their high school principal and two teachers to the Financial Aid Office on or before the due date to be considered for this award. Applicants must have combined a satisfactory academic record with leadership in cultural, athletic or community service. Preference will be given to sons and daughters of employees of Kell Enterprises, Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
Award Value: up to $1000 
John H. MacDougall Bursary
This award is available to students who can demonstrate financial need and are enrolled full time in the Engineering program. The applicant should be a resident of the Antigonish area. However, if the bursary quota cannot be filled from Antigonish, then residents of all other areas of Nova Scotia will be considered.
Award Value: $1500 
Joseph and Mary (MacNeil) MacLellan Bursary
This award will be paid to any descendants of Mary (MacNeil) and Joseph MacLellan demonstrating financial need. If this criterion is not fulfilled other fulltime students with demonstrated financial need will be considered. This award is renewable, on the condition that the previous recipient continues to be the most qualified applicant. Fathers of recipients must be members of the Knights of Columbus, in good standing.
Award Value: $2000 
Myles Mills Class of '59 Leadership Award
This award is available to full-time students in their senior year who have an academic average of at least 65%. Applicants must demonstrate leadership qualities and financial need. Not open to Education Students. This award will be applied directly to the student's account.
Award Value: up to $2500  
Angus F. and Jean A. Young Award
This award is available to full-time Engineering students in their second year of study. Students must demonstrate financial need.
Award Value: up to $350
David Palmer Advanced Geological Field School Bursary
This bursary is available to students who have completed the prerequisites for and are currently enrolled in the ESCI 476: Advanced Geological Field Methods course at StFX. Applicants must be enrolled in a Bachelor of Science program and demonstrate financial need in their application.
Award Value: will vary based on the expected costs of the ESCI 476 trip each year