Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions 

When are my fees due?
Tuition and student fees, including residence and meal plan charges, are due by specific dates each semester.  Visit our payment schedule at

What methods of payment are available?
St. Francis Xavier University has various methods of payment available to pay your student account. For a complete list, please visit

How much are the Late Payment fee and Interest charges?
1st Term  - If payment is delayed beyond September 15 - $50.00
2nd Term - If payment is delayed beyond January 15 - $50.00
Interest of 1% per month will be charged on the unpaid balance as of the last banking day of each month.
Reminders are sent out monthly to the students email address. Students are encouraging to check their account details online. 

I received a Scholarship how does this affect my student account?
Scholarships are posted to students’ accounts in full, however, 50% is applied against the first term required payment and 50% is applied to the second term required payment.

I paid a Confirmation and Housing Deposit; when are they applied to my student account?
These deposits do not affect the first term payment; they will be applied to your second term payment. 

How do I get a refund?
If you have a credit balance on your student account, and would like to request a refund please contact the Student Accounts Office by phoning (902) 867-2123 or visit the office located on the first floor of MacKinnon Hall (Business Office).  Office hours are 9:00am to 4:30pm - Monday to Friday.

I want to withdraw from classes, but it is after the last day to add and/or drop classes. How much will I get back?
Please refer to the refund schedule at for additional information.

I already paid my fees, then withdrew from courses. How do I get my money back?
Please contact the Student Accounts Office to request a refund by phoning (902) 867-2123, or visit our office located on the first floor of MacKinnon Hall (Business Office).  Office hours are 9:00am to 4:30pm - Monday to Friday.

How do I get an official income tax receipt (T2202A) form for income tax purposes?
These forms are available online.  Login to Banner using your student ID# and PIN#.  Select Registration, Canadian Tax Form, enter year, select the printable version to print and submit.  If you require assistance please contact our Technical Support Group by emailing


Student Loans

Where do I get my student loan signed?
Student loan documents must first be signed by the Student Accounts Office located on the first floor of MacKinnon Hall (Business Office).  After your loan has been signed it must be processed at an authorized Canada Post Office.  The nearest representative is located at the Post Office on Main Street, Antigonish, NS

I have a student loan, when are my fees due?
Students paying all or part of tuition and fees with a student loan must meet University fee deadlines.
• Loan documents must be signed by the payment due date in order to avoid interest charges.
• It is important to apply to your provincial government for student loan funding as early as possible.

I received a student loan, now what do I do?
Bring your student loan document, banking information (void cheque recommended), social insurance card and a government issued photo ID to the Student Accounts Office to be signed then proceed to an authorized Canada Post Office for processing.

I am an out-of-province student, where do I get my loan document?
Students with student loans outside of Nova Scotia can pick up their loan document at the Student Accounts Office.  Notifications are sent out to your StFX email address upon arrival of documentation.

How long does it take for my loan money to be received?
After you have your student loan document signed by the Student Accounts Office and taken your loan document to an authorized Canada Post Office, your loan money should be received by St. Francis Xavier University within two weeks (10 business days).

How much money does St. Francis Xavier University take from my student loan?
The University reserves the right to require full payment of the tuition and fees owing at the time of loan signing.

I have a Nova Scotia loan. When do I receive my provincial loan document?
• When you receive your Canada Student Loan in the fall, you will be asked to fill out a "pre-study report" and a "Master Student Loan Agreement" (including banking information).
• Your loan will be processed electronically. You will not receive a loan document in the mail.
• In mid-December, St. Francis Xavier University will begin to verify your registration for the duration of your loan. After confirming you are registered full-time, we will sign your loan online for any outstanding tuition and fees. The remaining balance from your loan (if applicable) will be deposited to your bank account.
• Students who are not registered as a full time student at the time we process your loan will experience delays.

My loan is going to be late, what do I do?
• As outlined above, students paying fees with student loans must have their loan document signed before the payment due date to avoid interest charges.
• If you are not able to have your loan document signed by the payment due date, you must inform the Student Accounts Office with an update on your student loan (eg. when it is expected, why it is delayed, etc...)
• Students who do not update the Student Accounts Office on the status of their loan may have their registration cancelled for non-payment at the discretion of the Accounting Services Manager.