PCard Eligible Expense Summary

Summary extracted from the Purchasing Card (PCard) Program and User Guide:

The card must not be used for the following:

• Purchases over card limits including all fees, taxes and shipping costs (no transaction splitting)
• Goods or services from any officer or other employee of the University
• Cash advances
• Personal use
• Alcohol, narcotics and other hazardous chemicals or materials
• Laboratory or research animals
• Leasing or rental of equipment in excess of 30 days
• Maintenance contracts
• Radioactive materials
• Salaries, wages or consulting fees
• Travel expenses (including airline tickets, hotels, meals, registrations, taxis, etc.)
• Professional Allowance purchases
• Furniture
• Computer purchases including desktop computers, laptops, printers, monitors, and peripherals (unless authorized).

Acceptable Purchases include:

• Supplies and service for University owned vehicles
• Maintenance supplies (electrical, mechanical, building, etc.)
• Tools, small equipment
• Non hazardous chemicals
• Short term equipment rentals
• Mail/Phone/Web orders
• Books, subscriptions, etc.
• Memberships
• Research related goods and services (subject to exclusions above)