SmartFilter Reports

The reports in mesAmis known as departmental financial statements have been converted to the Cognos platform. The new suite of reports are referred to as the SmartFilter Report suite. 

This suite of reports continues to provide financial information based on associations with the logged in user. Reports allow for successive drilldown from the account balances to the detailed transactions. 
Report Links*
*Use of Internet Explorer or Firefox Browser are recommended for optimal Cognos BI Reporting.

Login Instructions
To access the report you will be required to login using your webfx authentication credentials. Cognos requires the username to include the domain as a prefix (webfx\username). 

Supporting the user specific reporting is relatively onerous, and certain aspects of the SmartFilter suite may be phased out over time as viable alternatives can be implemented.
Off Campus Connectivity
Cognos is now available using https protocal which allows users to connect directly from off-campus computs without a VPN connection. These links begin with Links connecting to cognos via http can continue to be accessed on campus or using a VPN connection.

Accessibility issues
If you are having difficulty connecting or performing a task, please consult the Reporting Help page. If you are missing presently active accounts, or if the report is functionning unusually, please inform the Finance Office by email.