Health & Counselling Centre FAQ's

Health & Counselling Center FAQs 

Whether you are a new student or a returning student, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Health & Counselling Centre.  Below you will find information that will help you utilize your campus centre.
(CLOSED April 29th - September 6th) Part-time Counsellor available. To book an appointment email
Hours of Operation: 
Monday and Thursday, 8:30am-8:00pm
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30am-4:30pm
We are closed from 12:00 – 1:00pm for lunch every day.
We have Counsellors, Nurses and Physicians on site to help you with your health care needs. If you are a Canadian citizen, please have your provincial health card available.
International students, please have your health insurance information available.
Please drop in or call 867-2263 to arrange an appointment with the intake office.
If you plan to cancel a scheduled appointment, we would appreciate it if you would let us know prior to your appointment.  This allows us to offer that space to another student who needs it. If you are more than 5 minutes late for a doctor's appointment, you will need to reschedule for another time.
Please note that the services you receive at the Health & Counselling Centre are confidential.  We do not release information to your parents, your professors or anyone else without your permission or unless legally required to do so. 
For more infromation please see our Confidentialty Statement and information on the Personal Health Information Act.
The physicians at the Health Centre act as your “family physician” while you are here at St FX, your home-away-from-home.  They can assess your illness, order tests, prescribe medications, make referrals to specialists, etc.  If you have an ongoing issue, we would encourage you to keep the same physician throughout the year.
The nurses provide many services to students, including health education, pregnancy testing, emergency contraception, regular STI testing, Liquid Nitrogen treatment, immunizations, injections, wound care, etc.  The nurses are happy to meet with you to help you with your health concerns.
Prescription refills:
You require an appointment with the physician for a prescription refill.  Please plan ahead – call to book an appointment at least 1-2 weeks before you run out of your current supply.
STI Testing: 
For those individuals who are sexually active, we recommend regular STI testing at least twice a year.  Have questions? – arrange an appointment to see the nurse.  To have STI testing, please book an appointment with the physician.
Blood tests, X-rays:
Any blood tests, x-rays ordered by the physician are done at the local hospital.  Blood tests are done on a walk-in basis at the hospital Monday-Friday 6:30am-2:30pm (you will require your health card).
Test results:
Due to the volume of tests ordered through the Health Centre, we contact only those students who require follow-up.  “No news is good news”.  Please feel free to contact the nurse if you wish to inquire about your test results.
Contacting students/Communication:
Our preferred method of contacting students for non-urgent matters is through your StFX e-mail.  Check it regularly.  For more urgent matters, we contact you by phone – please insure we have an up-to-date phone number for you.
Community Health Care Resources:
Emergencies:  911 or St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Emergency Room
When the Health Centre is closed:
  • Nova Scotia Health Link: Dial 811 from any phone registered in Nova Scotia to speak with a registered nurse who will assess your situation and advise you on next steps, whether that is self-care, seeing a physician or seeking emergency care.
  • Antigonish After Hours Clinic:  Monday to Friday, 6-9pm by appointment; phone 735-4000 at 5:00pm to arrange an appointment.  The clinic is located at 40 Church St. within easy walking distance of the university.
  • Superstore After Hours Clinic: Monday, 6-9pm, phone 338-3000 at 5:00pm to arrange an appointment, and on Saturday from 1-5pm, phone 338-3000 at 12pm to arrange an appointment.

Other Resources Available

SANE 1-877-880-7263

Mental Health Crisis Line 1-888-429-8167

Suicide Hotline 1-800-SUICIDE

Antigonish Women's Resource Centre 863-2661

Addiction Services 1-888-291-3535

Alcoholics Anonymous 863-3808

Gambling Anonymous - 1-888-347-8888

Eating Disorder Hotline - 1-800-661-3066

LGBTQ - 1-800-566-2437