Reflections on Sexual Violence, Politics and Social Advocacy

Reflections on Sexual Violence, Politics and Social Advocacy
This is not an addendum to finding your way; in many ways it is the beginning.
Many StFX and Antigonish community members worked collaboratively for one year to develop Sexual Assault: A Guide to Finding Your Way. As a whole the members of this group agree that this is an important guide designed for students in crisis.
However, as the writer of this document I was asked to step back and look at the context of sexual assault from a social point of view.
Questions began to percolate: If sexual assault happens to one in four women why doesn’t society do something to reduce that number? The government does fund sexual assault crisis centres across Canada, but is the government investing in campaigns that prevent the crime of sexual assault to begin with? Upon reflection Icould also surmise that perhaps our well intentioned group may be investing energy in reactions to sexual assault as opposed to pro-action and may indeed be putting an individualistic band aid on a gaping societal wound?
Thanks to a well meaning nudge, I was encouraged to critically analyze sexual assault through the lense of feminist research. This ignited my political conscience and by now I was determined to find out more. With your permission, I’d like to take you on my own fact finding mission from which you can draw your own conclusions.
  1.  What is Rape Culture?
  2. Don't Rape Her
  3. Use Your Strength      
  4. Men Can Stop Rape PSA    
  5. University Sexual Assault Activism
  1. Political and Social Activism Current Events
  2. Final Thoughts