Date Rape Drugs


What is Rohypnol?( Roofies, roche, love drug, forget me pill)

Rohypnol is a a sedative/depressant from a family of drugs called benzodiazepines. It is illegal in Canada and the United States but is widely prescribed by physicians in Europe as a sleeping medication. Rohypnol is a tasteless, odorless pill that readily dissolves in liquid. It has recently been changed from the color white to the color blue to aid in its detection in
Rohypnol comes in 1 mg or 2 mg tablets and can impair a person for 8-12 hours once ingested. The effects of the drug are enhanced when it is mixed with alcohol. The drug takes effect in approximately 20 minutes after swallowing it.
The person under the influence of rohypnol will experience extreme sedation. They will stagger, slur their words, have decreased inhibitions and progressively become more sedated until they become unconscious. If too much is taken, the person can eventually stop breathing from over sedation!
What is Ketamine? (Special K, Super K)
Ketamine is an anesthetic drug called a "dissociative amnesic" that is used by both medical doctors and veterinarians. It is commonly found in white powder or as a clear liquid. It is readily dissolved in drinks because it is both tasteless and colorless.
Once ingested, the person feels like they are floating, they are disconnected from their body; they experience a loss of time and identity. the drug takes effect within 20 minutes of ingestion and lasts up to 3 hours.
What is GHB? (Liquid E, Easy Lay, Georgia Home Boys)
GHB stands for Gamma-Hydroxbutyrate Acid and is a powerful central nervous system depressant. It comes in a clear liquid, tablet, or capsule that is easily hidden in drinks. It causes lowering of inhibitions, euphoria, and calmness that leads to drowsiness, dizziness and amnesia. It has a characteristic effect of what is sometimes referred to as a "head snap" When the drug takes effect, often there is a definite change in the way the person feels and the head will snap forward or sometimes the person will drop unexpectedly to the floor.
GHB takes effect within 15-20 minutes of ingestion and lasts for 3-6 hours.

REMEMBER! The number one date rape drug isn't GHB, Roofies, or Ketamine. The number one date rape drug is ALCOHOL.