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Support Network

Should I tell my friends and family?
In the aftermath of crisis, having the support of people you trust and who care about you is invaluable. Regardless of whether you take further action, many survivors have found the assault to be more emotionally devastating when it was kept inside.

The Healing Journey

If you've been sexually assaulted, nobody except you understand how you feel. There is no 'correct' response; however, you may find it helps to know how other people have reacted to sexual violence. Some common reactions are:

The Legal Process

Do I have to report this to the RCMP?

Finding Your Way

Victims of sexual violence are powerless over being assaulted however; part of gaining power back is taking control of the here and now. You can empower yourself to make informed choices about next steps.

Dr. Emily Rice

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Bloomfield Centre

Dr. Emily Rice grew up in Baddeck NS and attended Acadia University, completing a Kinesiology degree. From there she completed her Medical Degree at the University of Ottawa and a rural Family Medicine residency in Terrace BC, through the University of British Columbia. While very tempted by Canada's wild West coast, after finishing her medical training she and her family decided that it was just too far from home and began thinking about coming back home to Nova Scotia. Antigonish seemed to have just the right fit and Dr. Rice, her husband and their one 1.5 yr old son arrived in January of this year. Since then she has been enjoying the opportunity to get to know the community through locum work and participating in community events. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with family and friends and being active outdoors whether it's hiking or swimming in the summer or skiing or snowshoeing in the winter.   

She is excited to be sharing physician responsibilities at St.FX this year with her classmate and good friend Dr. Amanda Worden-Rogers and very much looking forward to getting to know both university students and staff.

A note to men

Women are our friends, sisters, mothers, girlfriends, cousins, nieces, aunts......we need to join them in making life safe and happy for all of us.