Health Studies Colloquium

The Health Studies Colloquium is an optional, interdisciplinary, interfaculty opportunity that will bring a small group of first year students in both the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science to study three academic subjects that will enable them to explore psychological, biological and sociological perspectives on human health.

Students in the HSC will be enrolled in Psychology 100 and Sociology 100 classes that are restricted to HSC students. The material covered in these classes will be similar to those covered in the regular introductory courses, but with a shift in focus to highlight how the material can be related to matters concerning health. In the Biology courses students will attend classes with other students who are not in the HSC; however, the HSC students will be assigned to their own laboratory sections. The material covered in these courses provides students with the basic foundations of biological principles, and, where possible, will highlight the applications of these principles to the study of health.

Students will also complete a Service Learning assignment in partnership with a community organization that is directly involved in health. Through this experience, students will realize the practicality of their classroom learning as they learn from and work with organizations to promote, advocate, and contribute to the health of our community.

The HSC also includes a lecture series featuring talks by members of the StFX community who engage in research and practice related to human health. These presentations will highlight StFX’s contribution to the field, and will help students identify potential thesis supervisors and research opportunities to pursue in subsequent years at StFX.