200 Level



215    Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle

This course introduces nutritional science and the role that nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle behaviours play in the promotion of health. Topics include the function of food and its role in maintaining and promoting health, vegetarianism, food safety, body weight, and healthy eating. Credit will be granted for only one of HNU 215 or HNU 261. Not acceptable for credit in the HNU, HKIN (minor in HNU) or NURS programs. Three credits.


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235    Communications
This course introduces the principles of human communications and the development of interpersonal, group, and public communication skills. It enables students to understand (through lectures) and apply (through labs) the written and oral communication process and the factors that influence its effectiveness in a wide range of dietetic practice and health promotion settings. Credit will be granted for only one of HNU 235 or HNU 335. Prerequisite: HNU 161. Three credits and a lab.

261    Introduction to Nutrition
Students will learn the fundamentals of the science of nutrition with emphasis on energy nutrients, minerals and vitamins, their functions, their dietary sources, and how the body handles them from ingestion through excretion. Topics include the recommended nutrient intakes and guidelines for healthy eating. Credit will be granted for only one of HNU 261 or HNU 215. Prerequisites: CHEM 100 or 150; BIOL 111 or 105. Three credits.

262    Principles of Nutrition in Human Metabolism
Building on HNU 261, students will apply the principles of nutrition with an emphasis on nutrient functions and metabolism while drawing on foundational knowledge in biology and chemistry. Topics will include: energy metabolism, weight management, and nutritional concerns across the life course and the emerging role of nutritional genomics. Credit will be granted for only one of HNU 262 or HNU 263. Prerequisites: HNU 261; BIOL 251, 252, completed or concurrent; CHEM 225, 255, completed or concurrent. Three credits.