B.Sc. 5th Year Human Kinetics

B.Sc. in Human Nutrition degree in 5th year for B.Sc. Human Kinetics students with minor in Human Nutrition

B.Sc. Human Kinetics students majoring in Kinesiology and minoring in Human Nutrition who wish to pursue a degree in Human Nutrition in 5th year should follow the course pattern below. The required six credits of open electives in the HKIN degree must be BSAD 102(261) and HNU 146. In third year, students must take HNU 146, moving the 3 credit HKIN elective to fourth year. In fourth year, students must take HNU 161, 235, 351 and 365 as their required 12 credits of HNU electives. HKIN 396 or 397 fulfills the requirement of HNU 385 in the HNU degree program.


Recommended Course Pattern

Years 1-4 HNU 145, 146, 161, 235, 261, 262, 351, 363, 365; BSAD 102

Year 5 HNU 405, 475, 21 credits HNU electives; 3 credits open electives.

Students who select HNU 352, 353, 356 and 456 as HNU electives while completing year 5 are eligible to apply for the StFX Integrated and Graduate Dietetic Internship programs. These degree programs (HNU and HKIN), in combination with dietetic credentials make an excellent foundation for a career in sports nutrition - a new and exciting specialty in the field nutrition & dietetics.  StFX IDI interns may also gain sport nutrition experience by completing placements with the StFX Athletics Department. Follow along with our current sport interns on facebook!

Depending on course selection, students can prepare for various career options.

The BSc in Human Nutrition program emphasizes the role of nutrition in promoting health and managing nutrition-related disease conditions across the life course. This interdisciplinary professional program, accredited by Dietitians of Canada, addresses the growing demand in Canada for university graduates specializing in dietetics, foods and nutrition. In their third year, students following the recommended course pattern may apply for the Dietitians of Canada accredited Integrated Dietetic Internship program; in their fourth year, they may apply for a graduate dietetic internship program offered in sites across Canada. [click here for internship information and follow us on facebook].


Cooperative Education has recently become an option for students who are interested in pursuing a career with a focus on food. [click here for co-op information]


Increasing concern about the nutritional healthof our young people and the importance of school health and nutrition education is leading to more opportunities for careers in education. With an appropriate selection of courses, students may also meet the requirements for admission to a B.Ed. program.

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See chapter 5 in the academic calendar for information on the degree patterns, declarations of major, advanced major and honours, advancement and graduation requirements. http://www.mystfx.ca/calendar/

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