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Dietitian’s of Canada annual conference in St. John’s, NL, held in early June 2017, had excellent attendance by StFX graduates. This impromptu photograph shows about half of the graduates in attendance.

From bottom left to right:
Jensen Lutes (2007(, Shannon Robichaud (2016), Carlee Shaw (2016(, Amy Lank (2017), Selby Rowein (2017), Alexis Grano (2017), Melissa Chisholm (2017), Sonya Kupka (1995), Catrionna Wilson 1970s), Danielle MacIntyre (2014), Laurie A. Wadsworth (faculty), Dean Simon (2017), Jane Stevenson (2017), Jacqueline Cote (2017), Nicole Grewal (2016), Unknown, Jackie Spears (1995), Jennifer Wood (2013), and Melissa Hardy (2013).


It’s been a busy, productive 16 months for StFX human nutrition student Mike Keough – completing four back-to-back work placements through StFX’s Co-operative Education Program.

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Eight StFX students awarded prestigious Irving Research Mentorship Awards

This summer, the Irving Research Mentorship Awards program at StFX is allowing eight StFX students to conduct research that runs the gamut from gaining a better understanding of the molecular pathways that are targeted by bean consumption for chronic disease prevention to exploring carbon accumulation rates of different wetland types.
The prestigious award program, offered through StFX’s Frank McKenna Centre for Leadership, awards each recipient $6,000 in funding for 12 weeks of research. The students, who represent a variety of disciplines, each work under the guidance of a StFX faculty member.
“The visionary financial support provided by Arthur and Sandra Irving for these highly enriching student research awards is enabling a whole generation of StFX students to immerse themselves in important research studies while being mentored by our talented faculty members. Our students are developing valuable academic, life and leadership skills through these unique opportunities. This is what StFX is all about,” says McKenna Centre executive director Mary Coyle.
“I feel exceedingly fortunate to be a recipient of this award, as I am given the opportunity to explore a new and exciting area of food and nutrition research that I could potentially follow into my career,” says Heather-Ann Burrell of Pickering, ON.
The fourth year honours human nutrition student will be examining Nova Scotian bean protein concentrates as potential sources of bioactive peptides with antihypertensive qualities.
“The overall aim of the research is to gain a better understanding of the molecular pathways that are targeted by bean consumption for chronic disease prevention, in particular hypertension,” she says.
“In addition, working under the guidance of Professor Marcia English will allow me to grow as a student researcher as I will learn various laboratory techniques and will build my critical thinking skills.”

St. Francis Xavier Human Nutrition honours 2016 graduate, Sarah Ngunangwa, shares her experience of integrating health equity into her nutrition honours project, what her research found, and what she learned about herself along the way. You can check out Sarah's blog HERE








Two StFX professors were inducted into the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation’s The Decade Club recently. Nursing professor Dr. Charmaine McPherson and human nutrition professor Dr. Doris Gillis were recognized for their support and contribution to NSHRF over the past 10 years. Also pictured are StFX VP of Research Dr. Richard Isnor (left), Dean of Science Dr. Petra Hauf and Krista Connell, NSHRF CEO (far right).