What are Graduate Dietetic Internship Programs?
The Graduate Dietetic Internship Programs are 40-46 week programs available in Halifax, NS, Moncton, NB, St. John’s, NL, Manitoba, and multiple sites in Ontario. These programs include the ICDEP competencies of management, population and public health, and nutrition care. Graduate internships are offered through Dietitians of Canada as a post-degree internship route. Graduate programs give students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real-life situations to enhance their learning. For more information on placement opportunities, click on the link below to guide you to the Dietitians of Canada website:
How are the Graduate Programs Structured?
Unlike the IDI program, graduate internships are a continuous 40-46 week internship. In the graduate program, the interns are normally are placed within one facility with one or more preceptors to learn all of the skills necessary to write the Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam (CDRE) to become a Registered Dietitian.
Who can apply?
Students with a nutrition degree from an accredited university (such as StFX) may apply for the Graduate Dietetic Internship Programs in their final year of study through Dietitians of Canada. Individuals who completed their degree within the last three years are eligible to apply. If it has been longer than three years, you must undergo an academic assessment completed by Dietitians of Canada, and upgrading of courses may be required. If you are international student, you are only eligible to apply in your final year of study. You may need to provide evidence of your citizenship/student status.
How can I apply to Graduate Dietetic Internship Programs?
To apply, students must first register to apply on the Dietitians of Canada (DC) website, which includes a fee. Students are able to choose a maximum of three programs to apply for. The student must then prepare 3 separate packages to be sent directly to each program on or before February 1st. It is recommended to mail the applications by January 15th to ensure they arrive on time. It should be noted that each program may have application fees associated. Students can apply up to 3 times (two additional times) if they are unsuccessful in their first attempt.
What is included in the Graduate Dietetic Internship application package?
Each package should include a personal letter, a resume, an official transcript of marks, a confirmation of completion of academic program form (completed by the Department of Human Nutrition Chair), 3 references and the applicant contact information sheet. The packages are sent directly to each of the internship programs that you applied, not to Dietitians of Canada.
For more on each of the documents required, click on the Dietitians of Canada link provided below:
The cost of the graduate internship includes the required application fees, registration fees, as well as living expenses, travel & commuting expenses, and individual costs.   Some programs may also have additional fees.
How does the selection process work?
Dietitians of Canada (DC) uses a computer program for the selection process. The individual programs rank applicants based on their application package and interview scores. The programs enter their rankings into the computer system and offers will be sent to the successful applicants via email. Applicants will need to confirm on the DC website if they wish to attend that specific internship. Some applicants may receive more than one acceptance letter. If an offer is not accepted by an applicant, the applicant who ranked next will receive an acceptance letter until all of the available positions are filled. An internship selection process FAQ page is available on the Dietitians of Canada website at:
Where can I find out more about graduate internships?
Although applications for graduate internship are processed through DC, Laura Reid, the IDI coordinator, is available to advise applicants on their applications. Her contact information is as follows,, 867-5039 or in person JBB 247.
To find out more about the graduate internship opportunities available please visit the Dietitians of Canada website at:
Students interested in graduate internships are encouraged to attend the Atlantic Graduate Dietetic Internship Forum offered every fall. Students of all years are encouraged to attend to learn more about the graduate internship opportunities that are available. The IDI Coordinator will notify students of the date of the forum (usually located in Halifax).
2015 - The Atlantic Internship Forum will be held on October 30th in Halifax at Mount Saint Vincent University
Click Here for the invitation to the 2015 Atlantic Internship Forum