What is a Master’s Program with Combined Internship?
A Master’s Program with Combined Internship is offered through the graduate schools themselves, not through Dietitians of Canada or through StFX University. Students complete their course-based material for their master’s degree and apply their course-based knowledge in their internship. Master’s programs with combined internships are offered in select schools in Atlantic Canada (Halifax and St John’s), Ontario and Quebec.
Who can apply?
Students with an accredited nutrition degree may apply directly to the graduate school(s) of choice for Master’s programs with combined internship in their final year of study. Admission requirements for each program are individualized and can be accessed through the Dietitians of Canada website or the graduate program websites.
How to apply?
Students can apply to multiple Master’s with Combined Internship programs. It should be noted that application fees will apply. Some Master’s programs may have the same deadline as Dietitians of Canada for their graduate applications of February 1st. However, applications to the Master’s Programs with Combined Internship are individualized and should be reviewed by the applicant on the DC website or on the individual graduate program website.
Where can I find out more about the Master’s Program with Combined Internship?
Although applications for these programs are processed through the school of study, Laura Reid, the IDI Coordinator, is available to advise applicants on their applications. Her contact information is as follows,, 867-5039 or in person JBB 247.
To find out more about these opportunities please visit the Dietitians of Canada website at: