Arrival on Campus

Whether an exchange student needs a study permit and/or visa will depend on the home country and length of study.  All international students studying for more than 6 months in Canada must have a study permit. It is the student's responsibility to obtain this authorization.Even if a study permit is not required, having one may be worth the investment.  Without a study permit, internatioanl students cannot work on or off campus.  A study permit will allow a student to apply for a work permit.  Furthermore, without a study permit, a student who wishes to extend their study in Camada must leave the country and apply for a study permit.  Processing times for study permits can be long.  Therefore students should begin applying as soon as they receive their acceptance letter from StFX.
For more information on study permits and visas, visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.
The closest airport to Antigonish is outside Halifax, the provincial capital. Halifax Stanfield International Airport has many daily arrivals of flights from a number of airlines with connections to major cities in Canada and the eastern United States. Some flights arrive directly from Europe, but many European travelers usually are routed through Montreal or Toronto.
Students are responsible for arranging transportation from Halifax Stanfield International Airport to Antigonish. On the airport website there is information about transportation services from the airport to Antigonish. The distance is approximately 200 kms and takes approximately 2.5 hours by public transport.  The provinical inter-community bus service is Maritime Bus.

Exchange students arriving at the beginning of term will be provided an orientation to campus. For the fall semester, this orientation will be part of the Welcome Program offered to new international students through the International Student Office. Orientation for winter semester arrivals is provided through the International Exchange Office.

Exchange students will be given directions and assistance with

  • Learning about on-campus services
  • Moving into residence
  • Acquiring a student identification card
  • Activating their StFX email account and Webfx wireless access
  • Using Banner/Mes Amis to manage their StFX profile
  • Accessing mail services on campus
  • Activating their library card
  • Activating their Recreation Centre pass
  • Understanding their course schedule
As of January, 2014, all international exchange students are required to purchase insurance from the StFX Students Union Health Plan. This will cost approximately $300 per semester. The StFX plan includes coverage for medical services, prescription drugs, and dental care. Details of the types of services and any co-payments involved can be found at the STBA Student Benefits website.
Along with the health coverage offered by these plans, a primary advantage to international students is that any costs of medical services in the local area are billed directly to the STFX plan. This reduces any difficulty with paying for services in advance and having to submit receipts to an outside insurer.