Course Packs

Q: What is a course pack?
A: A course pack is a compilation of one or more portions of a work or works intended for student use in a particular course. Course packs are usually produced in print format.
Q: What are the guidelines for using course packs at StFX?
A: Generally, the guidelines for producing a course pack are the same as those for fair dealing. If the material is a chapter from a book, an article from a journal, or an insubstantial part of a document, web site, etc., it may be treated within the Fair Dealing or Education exceptions of the Copyright Act. Otherwise, if it exceeds these amounts, and there is no license allowing copying (see Library Licenses), then permission to copy must be obtained.
Q: How do I obtain permission to use copyrighted materials in course packs?
A: For more information, contact the Campus Store.
Q: What are the course pack fees for copyrighted material?
A: The price paid by the student for reproduced, copyrighted material is comprised of the following components, and a quote can be provided to a faculty member if requested:
   Printing and handling fees for each completed page;
   The cost for binding - binding can be a coil binding or stapling, as you wish. For large packages, ring binding is the cheapest and preferred method. The associated cost is added to the Course Pack price;
   Title Page - the Campus Store will provide a standardized format title page.
Q: Where can I learn more about course packs?
A: For more information, see the Campus Store page on Course Packs.
Q: Are there any alternatives to using course packs?
A: You may be able to provide your students with links to Library-subscribed or unrestricted materials, and in some cases you may be able to post PDFs to Moodle.