Whenever you include someone else's work in your thesis or research papers (e.g. figures, graphs, photos, images, extensive quotes, etc.), you need to ensure that your use complies with the Copyright Act.
What types of materials can you include without worrying about copyright?
Who owns copyright in scholarly work? 
Students own the copyright in their thesis and other materials they create as part of course requirements. For more information, see the StFX Student Intellectual Property Guidelines.
Who owns copyright in class materials?
The course instructor owns copyright in class materials that are created by the instructor, such as lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations, course syllabi, and lectures. Students may share their personal class notes with third parties, but they may not share course material created by the instructor unless they have permission from the instructor.
Students may not copy an instructor's class materials to share with third parties; students may not post these materials online or upload them to sites such as Course Hero; and students may not sell these materials. Copying and sharing material in this manner is subject to Canadian Copyright Law and is strictly prohibited.