Video Tutorials

This series of videos is intended for the StFX community as a guide for using copyright-protected materials for educational purposes.

The information in these videos is not intended to be legal advice. Please consult a copyright lawyer for specific legal advice.

Copyright Basics 1: 
What is Copyright?

This video introduces copyright, including the types of materials that are protected by copyright and what rights are covered by copyright protection. (3:47 min)

Copyright Basics 2: 
Use and Responsibility

This video addresses the rules and guidelines that govern the use of copyright-protected material at StFX, including who is responsible for copyright at StFX. (2:46 min)

Copyright Basics 3: 
Determining if your use is allowed

This video outlines five questions to consider before using copyright-protected materials, including whether you need to seek permission. (5:59 min)  

Educational Exception

This video explains what the Educational Exception is, what uses are allowed, and what conditions must be met for a use to qualify under this exception. (5:39 min)

Fair Dealing


This video explains Fair Dealing: what it is and how to determine whether a particular use of a copyright protected work could qualify as fair dealing. (5:49 min)

Library Licenses


This video explains how to check the terms and conditions that are allowed under library licenses for specific journal titles. (2:23 min)


Check back for videos coming soon on the following topics:

  • Performances
  • Public Domain
  • Works Available through the Internet



  These videos are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License
All images used in these videos are Public Domain.