Course Reserves FAQ

Where is the Course Reserves collection?

  • The Course Reserves collection is housed at the Circulation Desk immediately in front of you as you enter the library's front doors. (See map)
  • Please visit our desk if you have any questions regarding the Course Reserves collection.

What are Course Reserves?

  • Course Reserves provide short-term access to required course readings.
  • The Course Reserve collection is made up of books, articles or exams your instructor has assigned as readings for courses.
  • Because these items are heavily used, borrowing periods are restricted.
  • Most students borrow Reserve readings to make photocopies for personal use.

How long can I borrow Course Reserves material?

  • Borrowing periods are brief and may be:
    • 3 hours
    • 24 hours, or
    • 3 days
  • Fines are charged for overdue Course Reserves material, so make sure you remember what time you signed it out.

What do I need to borrow a reading from the Reserve collection?

Before borrowing a Course Reserve reading, check the Course Reserves collection on the library website to confirm the following:

  • The library has the item on Reserve
  • The item is available
  • Whether the reading is a book or a photocopy

You will need the following:

  • A valid Student ID card
  • For photocopies of articles or chapters from books:
    • Instructor's name
    • Author of Article or Chapter
    • Title of Article or Chapter
    • Course number
  • For books:
    • Call number (the alphanumeric code the library uses to organize materials, e.g. HV 4708 N48 2005. You can find this when searching the Course Reserves collection)
    • Title
    • Author

How do I find items in the Course Reserves collection?

To locate material on Course Reserves:

  1. Go to library website
  2. Select Course Reserves
  3. Search for the item by Instructor's Name or Course Number and Name
  4. Fill out and submit the Reserve Request form provided at the desk
  5. A staff member will retrieve the item for you.

How can I use Course Reserves material?

You can:

  • Make photocopies of the reading
  • Read the documents in the library
  • Take out Reserve items with loan periods of 24 hours or 3 days (however, 3 hour Reserve items must remain in the library).

May I borrow more than one Course Reserve item at once?

You may borrow five items from Reserve at one time; however, only one of these five items can be a 3 hour Reserve item.