How to Book a Room

Location: Second, Third, and Fourth Floors (see maps)

Study Room 230 Study Room 313 Study Room 430
  • Choose one of the room links above.
  • You will be prompted to enter your StFX ID barcode # (begins with 21993...) and password (default is the last 4 digits of the home phone number you provided upon registering)
  • Scroll down the page to view the room schedule.
  • Click on the calender icon above the schedule to pick a date.
  • Click on the drop down boxes to choose a start/end time.  Remember you can only book in one hour increments.
  • Click the green "Go" button.
  • Verify the details of the booking you just made and if correct, click on the green "Go" button to confirm.  Failure to complete this step will prevent your booking from being completed!  If the information was incorrect, hit the "Back" button and make corrections.
  • The booking is confirmed when you get the message at the top of your screen that says "Your booking has been registered".   You can also confirm your booking by scrolling down to the schedule and looking at the time block you booked.  It should be coloured red if the booking was successful.
  • Please contact Access Services in person, via e-mail, or at 902-867-2228 if you require assistance in booking a room.
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