Do's and Don'ts

Do Do Don't Don't
 Set your phone to vibrate Don't Disturb others with loud telephone conversations 
 Bring drinks in covered containers Don't Bring food or open drink to the library
 Make use of our Study Rooms for group discussions Don't Disturb others with loud group discussions
 Keep your valuables with you at all times Don't Leave your valuables unattended
 Make use of our recycle containers at the main entrance Don't Leave your trash for others to pick up
 Gather items and exit building when closing bell sounds Don't Leave items behind to "save" seating for next day
 Use personal memory sticks or thumb drives to save your documents Don't Download software onto library computers
 Ask staff about payment options to allow you to maintain your borrowing privileges Don't Allow overdue fees/lost books to get out of hand
 Ask for help. Library personnel are here to assist you Don't Wander around lost hoping you will find what you need
 Speak with library staff if you have any concerns or questions Don't Put up with loud or disturbing behaviour
 Evacuate the building if the fire alarm sounds   Don't Ignore the fire alarm