Making the Career Connection is the event that brings students, employers, professionals and graduate programs together. Students are encouraged to attend the dinner to discover potential career opportunities and also the education needed to be successful in some careers.  


 How does the networking dinner work?

The MCC Organizing Committee will provide participants with arranged seating. Depending on the students' interests and professionals who attend, the MCC Organizing Committee tries to have students and employers with the same interest sitting at the same table (or within the same area). At the beginning of the dinner, professionals are invited to introduce themselves to the dinner guests. About mid way through the dinner, we will usually have a guest speaker who will share his/her career journey with participants.
After dessert, we move into our speed networking activity. Students are asked to move from one table to another every five minutes.  Students usually will rotate a minimum of six times. We will also provide students the opportunity to move to other tables if they were looking to connect with a specific professional.
To be successful at the dinner, don’t limit yourself to specific professionals.  You never who you will meet or know their previous background.
At the end of the event, we will draw for the X-ring prize. As gold prices have fluctuated over the last few years, we will provide the winner with a $850 cheque that will be used towards the purchase of his/her X-ring. To claim the prize, the winner must provide X-ring purchase receipt. If the winner is graduating in May 2014, the MCC Committee will hold the cheque until the student becomes X-ring eligible in September 2014.