Workplace Insight Sessions




The Workplace Insight Sessions have been cancelled for September 27, 2012

Time Topic
 5:00pm Masks of the Workplace
Presenter(s): TBA LOCATION: Alumni Lounge, 4th SUB
The workplace can be a tricky environment to maneuver, particularly when it as dramatic as any theatre production!  Your colleagues all have a variety of personalities, and these personalities can lead to certain behaviors (good and bad) in the workplace.  Navigating these professional relationships requires you to constantly assess and change the “mask” you wear to be successful in your work.   In this workshop you will get insights how to communicate with slack or over-ambitious colleagues, how to separate your personal and professional life (when many large companies provide a variety of social perks) and what to do when personal lives spill into the professional setting.  You’ll  learn some on-the-job tricks to avoid gossip (or being gossiped about) in the workplace, and how to deal with instances of misconduct.
 5:00pm Great Expectations
Presenter(s): TBA LOCATION: Council Chambers A, SUB
It’s your first job in a professional setting, where you’re doing work actually related to your degree.  Learn about what is generally expected of you within the first 6 months.   An overview of different types of performance evaluations will be reviewed here and you’ll learn some tips on how to prepare and what to do with your feedback (good and bad!). 
 5:00pm Snakes and Ladders
Presenter(s): TBA LOCATION: Council Chambers B
Advancement in any profession is a major goal of most employees, but movement is very much like the age-old game of Snakes and Ladders.  By moving too fast and taking too many chances, you could get bit and fall back to the bottom.  Move too slowly though, and you might miss out on the ladders of opportunity.  However many times in today’s workplace, changes are lateral - your scenery might be different but you may not have advanced from an income or responsibility perspective.  How are these changes any benefit to you in the long run?   In this discussion, you will gain insight in how to play this game efficiently to get the most out of your career both personally and professionally.