Math, Stats and CSCI Tutors

The following is a list of students who are willing to tutor. You should either call or email to see if the tutor would have some time available for you. Reminder that this service is not free of charge. The fee is decided upon by the tutor/student. 

Please see bottom of this page for additional help options. 

 Tutors for 2017/18 term: (please check back as this page will be constantly updated)

Name: Email:   Courses willing to tutor in:
Michael MacDonald    Pre-cal, Math 106/126, 107/127 High school Math
Harshith Maruthi Reddy   Stat 101
Becca Ross   Math 101/102, 106/126, 107/127, Stats
Hannah Chisholm   Math 105
Cole Stuart   Math 105
Ryan MacDougall   Stat 101
Chris Allen   Math 105
Jacob Turner   CSCI 125, 161, 162
Liam Cogger   Math 106/126, 107/127, 253, 371, Stat 231 and 311, highschool level math
Logan Brown   Math 106/126, 107/127, CSCI 161, 162, 255
Dylan Coakley   Math 106/126, 107/127, CSCI 161, 162, 255
Gen MacDonell   Math 106/126, 107/127, Math 253, Stat 231
Sazzad Hussain   CSCI 125, 128, 161, ENGR 198; Highschool level
Alastair May   Math 106/126, 107/127, CSCI 161, 162; High school level
Marco Zanchetta   Math 105, Stat 101
Madison Burke   Math 105, Stat 101
Mitchell Blacquiere   Highschool level math
Grace Campbell   Math 101/102
Thomas Chia   Math 106/126, 107/127, CSCI 161, 162, Highschool level
Samantha Blair   Stat 101
Trevor Gallant   CSCI 161, 162. highschool level
Kirsten Gallant   Math 106/126, 107/127
Tom Chong   Math 106/126, 107/127, Highschool math (including ACT and SAT)
Grace Campbell   Stat 201

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For FREE tutoring, the following services are available: The Math department conducts a Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center. The hours can be found at the following website: .  Also, there is a weekly tutorial on Tuesday evenings. More information can be found at the following website: (the tutorials are held at 6:00PM-8:00PM Tuesday evenings in the SCHW252).