Welcome to the webpage for nominating students from grades 10 and 11 to be considered for participation in the StFX-CMS Math Camps. Only math teachers/heads of math departments/principals in high schools in Nova Scotia are permitted to make nominations. If you fall in this category, we request that you kindly follow these steps to submit a nomination:

        We are no longer accepting nominations for the 2017 StFX-CMS Math Camp.  

  • Review the letter/e-mail inviting nominations that was sent to your school principal.
  • Review the list of questions on the nomination form so you have all the necessary information needed to complete a nomination online. Fields marked with red * are required. Click here to view the list of information neded for a nomination. In the next paragraph, you will be presented with an online version of the form for completion.
  • Complete the nomination(s), one per student, to a maximum of two students per school. Ensure you have the required information as described in preceding paragraph before proceeding. You cannot return to the online form once it is closed and so information on a student must be submitted in one sitting.  To prevent accidental loss of typed information before the form is submitted, it is suggested that you type and save your recommendation letter so you can copy and paste in the appropriate space on the online form. Click here to gain access to the online nomination form. 
The Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at St. Francis Xavier University wishes to thank you for taking the time to making a nomination.