Degrees & Course Patterns

* Please note that the Academic Calendar takes precedence over this document. Please refer to it for complete course descriptions. *

All music majors except transfer students take the following courses in their first two years:


Year 1:

MUSI101 Structure of Music
MUSI103 Jazz Theory I
MUSI106 or 107 Vocal or Instrumental Ensemble
MUSI117 History of Popular Music
MUSI165 Jazz Styles
MUSI190 Applied Performance (includes jury)

 plus 6 credits Arts/Science electives

 Year 2:

MUSI118 World Music
MUSI203 Jazz Theory and Arranging
MUSI206 or 207 Vocal or Instrumental Ensemble
MUSI217 The Beatles
MUSI265 Jazz Styles and Literature

MUSI275/6 Songwriting
MUS290 Applied Performance (includes jury)

plus 6 credits Arts/Science electives

Grade Requirements

In order to progress to 300-level MUS courses, students must earn individual grades of at least 60 for advanced major, and 75 for honours, in each MUS course at the 100 and 200 level. Students who receive a grade lower than 60 in MUS 195 and 295 must re-audition to continue in the program.

Bachelor of Music (Jazz Studies)

In addition to the core classes listed above, and Level 1 Honours First Class, the following classes are required:

MUSI306 or 307 Vocal or Instrumental Ensemble
MUSI315 and 316 History of Music I/II
MUSI325 Composition
MUSI390 Applied Performance, including Thesis
MUSI406 or 407 Vocal or Instrumental Ensemble
MUSI416 History of Music III
MUSI420 Large Ensemble Arranging
MUSI465 Jazz Styles and Literature
MUSI490 Applied Performance
MUSI497 Recital

plus 24 credits of Arts/Sciences including 12 credits in each of two subjects.

Candidates are required to submit a thesis in their junior year and give a graduation recital.
Admission to the third year requires an average of at least 70 for 60 credits completed in the first two years. Admission to the fourth year requires honours standing in the junior year.

Major in Music

Students may complete a major in music in the BA program by completing a minimum of 36 credits from the following in consultation with the Chair:

Required MUS101, MUS165;
Plus 27 credits to be selected from the following:
MUSI103, MUSI106 or 107, MUSI117, MUSI118, MUSI195,
MUSI201, MUSI203, MUSI206 or 207, MUSI265, MUSI295,
MUSI306 or 307, MUSI315, MUSI316

If Applied Music courses are chosen as an option, an audition is required. See section 4.1.3 of the Academic Calendar for other degree requirements. Minimum grade requirements do not apply to the major in music.

Minor in Music

No audition is required for admission to the BA with music minor. Students may complete a minor in music in the BA or BBA program by completing a minimum of 24 credits from the following courses or others in consultation with the Chair: MUSI101, 103, 106 or 107, 117, 118, 206 or 207, 315, 316, 416.

No audition is required for admission to a minor; see section 1.3c. Minimum grade requirements in music do not apply to the minor in music.

Diploma in Jazz Studies

The Diploma in Jazz Studies is a two-year program designed for students who wish to enter the field of commercial music but do not wish to pursue the BA in Music (Jazz Studies) degree. Instruction is offered in theoretical, aural, and improvisational skills.

Students in the diploma program who subsequently wish to pursue studies towards BA in Music (Jazz Studies) with Honours or Advanced Major or Bachelor of Music (Jazz Studies) with Honours degrees must achieve the appropriate grade in the Level II exam and have no grade of less than 60 for the advanced major, or 75 for the honours, in any MUSI course.