Academic Computing Committee

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Active

Committee Elected By: Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science

A committee established to deal will all Academic Computing (teaching and research)


1 To advise the Chief Technology Officer on the formation of policy with respect to the administration (service, staffing, equipment, space and budgets) of University academic computing.
2. To review and make recommendations regarding the Academic Computing budget (for acquisitions, staff, renovations and equipment) to the University Budget committee.


The Academic Computing Committee meets at least four (4) times per year, to deal with such matters as may be brought before it with respect to Computing policy and specifically:

(a) At the first and third meetings to deal with expenditures relative to budget to the preceding month ends;
(b) At the second meeting to deal with the review and recommendations regarding the Academic Computing budget;
(c) At the fourth meeting to review the year end (31 March) actual to budget performance.
That the committee convenes a meeting with the faculty in March of each academic year to:
(a) Inform and discuss with the faculty proposed changes for the new academic year;
(b) Receive input and suggestions for changes and improvement of academic computing.

- Academic Vice President (Chair)
- Deans of Arts & Science
- Chief Technology Officer
- Six faculty members representing and elected by their respective faculties
- Two students (appointed by President of Students' Union (one from Arts, one from Science)
- University Librarian
- Director of Student Services and Registrar
- Vice-President Finance

ELECTED by: Faculties of Arts, Science, Education and Faculty of Business
DATE: Spring meeting

Number of Faculty: 6 in total - 2 Faculty of Arts, 2 Faculty of Science, 1 Faculty of Education and 1 Faculty of Business
Term: Faculty 3 years, Students 1 year



Committee Membership

Shah Razul3 Year2017-04-012020-04-01Faculty of Science
Matthew Palmer3 Year2016-12-012019-10-01Faculty of Science
Evan Throop Robinson3 Year2016-10-012019-07-01Faculty of Education
Peter McCormick3 Year2016-10-012019-04-01
Bhavik Parikh3 Year2016-04-012019-04-01Faculty of Business
Ken Penner3 Year2015-04-012018-04-01Faculty of Arts
Frank Comeau3 Year2014-04-012017-04-01Faculty of Science
Martin Van Bommel3 Year2014-04-012016-07-01Faculty of Science
Lisa Lunney Borden3 Year2014-04-012016-07-01Faculy of Education
John McKenna3 Year2013-04-012016-04-01Faculty of Arts
Neil Foshay2 Year2014-04-012016-04-01Faculty of Business
Youngwon Cho2 Year2013-04-012015-06-01Faculty of Arts (on sabbatical July 1, 2015)
Teng Wah Leo3 Year2011-04-012014-04-01Faculty of Arts
Lisa Lunney Borden3 Year2011-04-012014-04-01Faculty of Education
Elsa Jensen3 Year2011-04-012014-04-01Faculty of Science
Man Lin3 Year2011-04-012014-04-01Faculty of Science
Ryan Lukeman3 Year2011-04-012014-04-01Faculty of Science
Randy Delorey3 Year2013-04-012013-09-01Off due to leave of absense
Ken Penner3 Year2010-04-012013-04-01Faculty of Arts
Michael Newton3 Year2010-04-012013-04-01Faculty of Arts
Randy Delorey3 Year2008-04-012011-04-01Faculty of Arts
Iker Gondra3 Year2008-04-012011-04-01Faculty of Science
Mikael Haller3 Year2008-04-012011-04-01Faculty of Science
Russell Wyeth3 Year2008-04-012011-04-01Faculty of Science
Hosein Marzi3 Year2007-04-012010-04-01Faculty of Arts
Neil Foshay3 Year2007-04-012010-04-01Faculty of Arts
Patrick Chareka3 Year2007-04-012010-04-01Faculty of Science
Rob Wickham3 Year2007-04-012010-04-01Faculty of Science
Leo MacDonald3 Year2005-04-012008-04-01Faculty of Arts
Winston Jackson3 Year2005-04-012008-04-01Faculty of Arts (off)
Emeka Oguejiofor3 Year2005-04-012008-04-01Faculty of Science
Todd Boyle3 Year2004-04-012007-04-01Faculty of Arts (off)
John Beck3 Year2004-04-012007-04-01Faculty of Science
Ricardo Scrosati3 Year2004-04-012007-04-01Faculty of Science
Ted Wright3 Year2003-04-012006-04-01Faculty of Arts (off)
Roberto Martinez-Espineira3 Year2002-04-012005-04-01Faculty of Arts
Martin Van Bommel3 Year2002-04-012005-04-01Faculty of Science
Peter Poole 3 Year2002-04-012005-04-01Faculty of Science (off)
Kent Young 3 Year2001-04-012004-04-01Faculty of Arts
Carl MacDonald3 Year2001-04-012004-04-01Faculty of Arts (off)
V. Karunakaran3 Year2001-04-012004-04-01Faculty of Science
Peter McCormick3 Year2000-04-012003-04-01Faculty of Arts
Emeka Oguejiofor3 Year2000-04-012003-04-01Faculty of Science
Rod Bantjes3 Year1999-04-012002-04-01Faculty of Arts
Ernst Schuegraf3 Year1999-04-012002-04-01Faculty of Science

45 members.