University Senate - Academic Priorities And Planning Committee

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Active

Committee Elected By: University Senate

The membership of the Academic Priorities and Planning Committee is as follows:

a. The Academic Vice-President & Provost acting as Chair
b. The Vice President Finance and Administration (non-voting)
c. The Associate Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies
d. The Deans of Faculty
e. Students' Union Vice President or his/her designate (ex officio)
f. The University Librarian
g. Six Faculty Senators
h. Two other Student Senators


Committee Membership

Bobbi Morrison3 Year2017-05-012020-04-01
Frank Comeau3 Year2017-04-012020-04-01replacing JoAnne MacDonald
Lesley Jane McMillan3 Year2016-10-012019-10-01
Lisa Kellman3 Year2016-10-012019-10-01
Cory Rushton3 Year2015-10-012018-10-01
Jennifer Mitton Kukner3 Year2015-04-012018-04-01
Neil Foshay3 Year2014-04-012017-04-01
Jo-Anne MacDonald3 Year2016-04-012017-04-01Leave of Absence
Doris Gillis3 Year2014-07-012016-04-01
Petra Hauf3 Year2015-04-012015-07-01
Matthew Meyer3 Year2012-04-012015-04-01
William Sweet3 Year2012-04-012015-04-01
Denton Anthony3 Year2011-04-012014-04-01
Jacques Boucher3 Year2011-04-012014-04-01
Brad Long3 Year2009-04-012012-04-01
Brian MacLean3 Year2009-04-012012-04-01
Donna Trembinski3 Year2009-04-012012-04-01
Doug Brown3 Year2009-04-012012-04-01
Ottilia Chareka3 Year2009-04-012012-04-01
V. Karunakaran3 Year2008-04-012011-04-01
Jane Moseley3 Year2007-04-012010-04-01off
Joe Norris3 Year2006-04-012009-04-01
Joseph Khoury3 Year2006-04-012009-04-01
Peter Poole 3 Year2005-04-012008-04-01
Alan Anderson3 Year2005-04-012008-04-01off
James Cormier3 Year2004-04-012007-04-01
Leo Gallant3 Year2003-04-012006-04-01
William Sweet3 Year2003-04-012006-04-01
Winston Jackson3 Year2002-04-012005-04-01
Bernard Liengme3 Year2001-04-012004-04-01
Lehana Thabane3 Year2001-04-012004-04-01off
Laurie Wadsworth 3 Year2000-04-012003-04-01
Peter Henke 3 Year2000-04-012003-04-01
Kent Young 3 Year2000-04-012003-04-01off
Willie Quinn 3 Year2000-04-012003-04-01off
Moira Galway 3 Year1999-04-012002-04-01

36 members.