Appeals Committee

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Active

Committee Elected By: University Senate

Article III. (a) The Appeals Committee shall consist of:

(1) three (3) students appointed by the Director of Student Life in consultation with the Students’ Union for terms of one (1) year with the possibility of re-appointment.

(2) two (2) Faculty members appointed by Senate for a term of three (3) years. No Faculty member shall serve more than two (2) complete terms consecutively.

(3) one (1) staff member who shall be appointed by the President.

(b) The Chair will be appointed by the Head of Student Services and shall be a Faculty or staff member of the Committee.

(c) The quorum for any sitting of the Appeals Committee shall consist of the four members including two (2) Faculty or staff members and two (2) student members. One of the members must be the chair.

(d) The Appeals Committee shall have responsibility to:

(1) hear appeals of decisions from the informal or formal discipline adjudication processes; and

(2) meet jointly with the Discipline Committee, the Judicial Board and the Director of Student Life at least once each term to review the University discipline system and where deemed appropriate, to recommend changes therein to the Senate.

Article VI. (a) No person is eligible to serve on the Discipline Committee and the
Appeals Committee at the same time.

(b) Any full-time student or full-time Faculty member is eligible to serve on the Discipline Committee or the Appeals Committee provided that he or she is not a member of the Board of Governors, Students' Union Executive, Campus Police or residence staff.

ELECTED BY: University Faculty
DATE: April
TERM: 3 years


Committee Membership

Riley Chisholm3 Year2017-05-012020-05-01
Bhasker Mukerji 3 Year2016-05-012019-05-01
Barry Taylor3 Year2014-10-012017-05-01
Bobbi Morrison3 Year2013-10-012016-05-01
Man Lin3 Year2013-10-012016-05-01
Dan Robinson3 Year2011-10-012014-10-01
Mark Fuller3 Year2011-10-012014-10-01
Peter Mallory3 Year2010-10-012013-10-01
Iker Gondra3 Year2008-10-012011-10-01
Mathias Nilges3 Year2008-10-012011-10-01
Jeff McNally3 Year2007-10-012010-10-01
Donna Gallant3 Year2006-10-012009-10-01
Hosein Marzi3 Year2004-10-012007-10-01
Robert Zecker3 Year2004-10-012007-10-01
Tony Miller3 Year2003-10-012006-10-01
Catriona Parsons3 Year2002-10-012005-10-01
Gary Brooks3 Year2002-10-012005-10-01
Barb Sproull-Seplaki3 Year2001-10-012004-10-01
Len Pluta3 Year2001-10-012004-10-01off
Dorothy Lander3 Year1999-10-012002-10-01

20 members.