Chairs' Selection Committee - Faculty of Arts

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Active

Committee Elected By: Faculty of Arts


(Procedures for Academic Administrative Appointments, passed by the University Faculty at various meetings from April 9, 1987 to February 2, 1988; this section of the document promulgated by the President on September 13, 1988.)

For each Faculty there shall be a Selection Committee established, the purpose of which shall be to make recommendations to the president regarding the names of those individuals who should be asked to assume the duties of Chair in their respective Departments when such appointment is necessary by reason of resignation or completion of the term of the incumbent.

- The Academic Vice-President, who shall chair the committee,
- Dean of Arts,
- Dean of Science
- Four full-time teaching members of the Faculty of Arts.

ELECTED by: Faculty of Arts
DATE: Spring meeting

Number: 4 in total
Term: 2 years, rotating 



Committee Membership

Jean Guy Lalande2 Year2017-05-012019-04-01
Maria Paz2 Year2017-01-012019-04-01
Michael Linkletter3 Year2015-04-012018-04-01
Stephen Marmura3 Year2015-04-012018-04-01
Sharon Gregory2 Year2015-04-012017-04-01
Erika Koch 2 Year2014-12-012016-12-01
Cory Rushton2 Year2014-04-012016-04-01
Louis Groarke2 Year2014-04-012016-04-01
Maurice Arpin2 Year2013-04-012015-04-01
Laurie Stanley-Blackwell1 Year2013-04-012014-12-01On sabbatical Jan - June 2015
Norine Verberg2 Year2012-04-012014-04-01
Paul Tynan2 Year2012-04-012014-04-01
Brenda Appleby1 Year2012-04-012013-04-01
Jean Guy Lalande1 Year2012-04-012013-04-01
Kevin Brunkhorst2 Year2009-04-012012-04-01
Lynda Harling-Stalker2 Year2010-04-012012-04-01
Peter McCormick2 Year2010-04-012012-04-01
Ryan Billington2 Year2010-04-012012-04-01
Ed Pencer2 Year2008-04-012010-04-01
Brenda Appleby2 Year2007-04-012009-04-01
Nancy Forestell2 Year2007-04-012009-04-01
Deena Rymhs2 Year2006-04-012008-04-01
Yvon Grenier2 Year2006-04-012008-04-01
Tanya Titchkosky2 Year2006-04-012008-04-01off
Patricia Hogan2 Year2005-04-012007-04-01
Matthew Meyer2 Year2004-04-012006-04-01
Sherryl Vint2 Year2004-04-012006-04-01
Monica Lent2 Year2003-04-012005-04-01
Richard Nemesvari2 Year2002-04-012004-04-01
Rod Michalko2 Year2002-04-012004-04-01
Yvon Grenier2 Year2002-04-012004-04-01
Marilyn Gerriets2 Year2002-04-012004-04-01off
Kent Young 2 Year2001-04-012003-04-01
Margaret Olson 2 Year2000-04-012002-04-01
Maurice Arpin2 Year2000-04-012002-04-01
Rod Michalko2 Year2000-04-012002-04-01

36 members.