Chairs' Selection Committee - Professional Programs

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Active

Committee Elected By: Faculty of Business, Faculty of Education

For each Faculty there shall be a Selection Committee established, the purpose of which shall be to make recommendations to the president regarding the names of those individuals who should be asked to assume the duties of Chair in their respective Departments when such appointment is necessary by reason of resignation or completion of the term of the incumbent.
- The Academic Vice-President, who shall chair the committee,
- Dean of Business, 
- Dean of Education
- Four full-time teaching members, two from the Faculty of Education and two from the Faculty of Business
ELECTED by: Faculty of Business and Faculty of Education 
DATE: Spring meeting

Number: 4 in total, two from Faculty of Education and two from Faculty of Business 
Term: 2 years, rotating 

Committee Membership

Neil Foshay2 Year2017-04-012019-04-01Faculty of Business Rep
Robert Madden2 Year2017-04-012019-04-01Faculty of Business Rep
Ingrid Robinson2 Year2017-04-012019-04-01Faculty of Education Rep
Leo MacDonald2 Year2017-04-012019-04-01Faculty of Education Rep
Monica Lent2 Year2015-04-012017-04-01Faculty of Business
Anne Murray-Orr2 Year2015-04-012017-04-01Faculty of Education
Laura Lee Kearns1 Year2014-04-012015-06-01on sabbatical June 30, 2015
Robert Madden2 Year2013-04-012015-04-01
Anne Murray-Orr2 Year2015-04-012015-03-01
Dan Robinson2 Year2012-04-012014-04-01Faculty of Education
Robert Madden1 Year2012-04-012013-04-01Faculty of Business
Denton Anthony2 Year2010-04-012012-04-01Business Administration
Leo MacDonald2 Year2010-04-012012-04-01Education

13 members.