Christian Culture Lecture Series

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Active

Committee Elected By: University Faculty

A Presidential committee, established January 28, 1992.
See minutes and attachments of the February 12, 1992 meeting of the Committee on Nominations.


The Christian Culture Lecture Series is an annual set of lectures by internationally established scholars of religion, scripture, church history, and ethics.

Invited speakers will provide a minimum of two public lectures on topics related to their scholarly expertise and one intensive seminar which will concentrate on their current research, especially unpublished research.

The series will give particular attention to themes highlighted by Vatican II. Although the majority of invited speakers will come from the Catholic tradition, other Christians and non­/Christians would also be invited.

A Presidential Committee, with two members named by faculty, two by the President, and one named by the Students' Union chaired by the President or his/her delegate will determine the scholars to be invited and the general themes to be addressed.

A substantial honorarium, travel expenses, and a reception in honour of the speakers will be the responsibility of the President.

Presidential Committee
‑ President or delegate (Chair)
‑ three members of faculty elected by the Faculty
‑ one member appointed by the President
‑ one member named by the Students' Union

DATE: October
TERM: Three years
NUMBER: Three members


Committee Membership

Debbie Vossen3 Year2015-10-012018-10-01Faculty Elected
Michael Linkletter3 Year2015-10-012018-10-01Faculty Elected
Robert Kennedy3 Year2015-10-012018-10-01Faculty Elected
William Sweet3 Year2015-10-012018-10-01Presidential Appointee
Lynda Harling-Stalker3 Year2012-10-012015-10-01
Ken Penner3 Year2012-10-012015-06-01on sabbatical July 1, 2015
William Sweet3 Year2010-10-012013-10-01Presidential Appointee
Angela Beye3 Year2009-02-012012-02-01Faculty Elected
Donna Trembinski3 Year2009-02-012012-02-01Faculty Elected
Margaret Y. MacDonald3 Year2007-11-012010-11-01Faculty Elected
Brenda Appleby3 Year2007-11-012010-11-01Faculty Elected off
Jean Guy Lalande3 Year2004-11-012007-11-01Faculty Elected
Joseph Khoury3 Year2004-11-012007-11-01Faculty Elected
Lucian Turcescu3 Year2003-11-012006-11-01Faculty Elected off
William Sweet3 Year2002-11-012005-11-01Faculty Elected
Lucian Turcescu3 Year2000-11-012003-11-01Faculty Elected
Lisa Mullin3 Year1999-11-012002-11-01Faculty Elected
Robert Kennedy3 Year1999-11-012002-11-01Faculty Elected

18 members.