University Senate - Committee on Academic Review (CAR)

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Active

Committee Elected By: University Senate

1. The membership of the Committee on Academic Review is as follows:
a. the Academic Vice-President & Provost,
b. the Deans of faculties, and
c. five tenured Faculty members elected by the University Senate.

2. All Deans of faculties shall be deemed members of the Committee on Academic Review, but only two deans shall vote. On Science cases, the Dean of Science and the Dean of Arts shall vote; on Arts cases, the Dean of Arts and the Dean of Science; on Business cases, the Dean of Business and the Dean of Science shall vote; and on Education cases, the Dean of Education and the Dean of Science shall vote.

3. The terms of the elected Faculty members shall be 3 years (phased in). The President shall appoint the Chair of CAR for a term of three years. The Chair of CAR may be a faculty member in addition to those named above.

Terms of Reference:
This Committee is responsible for the orderly review of departments and ensures that each department is reviewed at least once every eight years. Specifically the Committee shall:
a. have responsibility for the orderly review of Departments and to ensure that each is reviewed at least once every eight years;
b. ensure that any review begins with a form of self-study;
c. ensure that all reviews shall have student input and involvement;
d. ensure that all documentation is treated with the appropriate confidentiality;
e. ensure that the review process follows The Guidelines for Departmental Reviews;
f. advise the Review Panel on the form of the review;
g. recommend to Senate a schedule of Departments to be reviewed;
h. select and appoint members of the Review Panel;
i. decide, in consultation with others as appropriate, on the disposition of the recommendations in the Review Panel Report;
j. distribute to Senate the recommendations of the Review Panel and other reports as appropriate;
k. report to the President and Senate on the proposed disposition of the recommendations;
l. recommend to Senate changes to the Guidelines for Departmental Reviews;
m. review periodically the stipends paid to members of review panels.

ELECTED BY: University Senate
DATE: The April Meeting of Senate
TERM: Three years
NUMBER: Five Tenured Faculty Members



Committee Membership

Ram Palanisamy3 Year2017-04-012020-04-01
Lynda Harling-Stalker3 Year2017-01-012019-12-01
Robert Van den Hoogen3 Year2016-04-012019-04-01
Anne Murray-Orr3 Year2016-01-012018-04-01
Edward Langille3 Year2015-04-012018-04-01
Mark Fuller3 Year2015-04-012017-04-01
John Phyne3 Year2015-04-012017-01-01Sabbatical Leave
Brendan Murphy3 Year2013-04-012016-04-01
Angie Kolen2 Year2013-04-012015-12-01on sabbatical Jan 1, 2016
Robert Zecker2 Year2013-04-012015-06-01on sabbatical July 1, 2015
Lisa Lunney Borden3 Year2012-04-012015-04-01
Shiraz Dossa3 Year2012-04-012015-04-01
Lavinia Stan3 Year2011-04-012013-07-01
Charmaine McPherson3 Year2010-04-012013-04-01
Edwin DeMont3 Year2010-04-012013-04-01
Elizabeth McGibbon1 Year2012-04-012013-04-011 year sabbatical replacement
Jim Cameron3 Year2009-04-012012-04-01
Paul Tynan3 Year2009-04-012012-04-01
Barry Taylor3 Year2009-04-012012-04-01off
Elizabeth McGibbon3 Year2007-04-012010-04-01
Joe Apaloo3 Year2007-04-012010-04-01
David Garbary3 Year2006-04-012009-04-01
Maureen Moynagh 3 Year2006-04-012009-04-01
Maurice Arpin3 Year2006-04-012009-04-01
Ping Wang3 Year2005-04-012008-04-01off
Angela Gillis3 Year2004-04-012007-04-01
Edward Langille3 Year2004-04-012007-04-01
Moira Galway 3 Year2004-04-012007-04-01off
Christopher Byrne3 Year2003-04-012006-04-01
Yi-chong Xu3 Year2003-04-012006-04-01
Michael Steinitz3 Year2002-04-012005-04-01
Robert MacMillan3 Year2002-04-012005-04-01off
Jean Guy Lalande3 Year2001-04-012004-04-01
Clare Fawcett3 Year2000-04-012003-04-01
David Garbary3 Year2000-04-012003-04-01
John Grant 3 Year1999-04-012002-04-01
Lou Bilek 3 Year1999-04-012002-04-01

37 members.