Committee on Nominations

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Active

Committee Elected By: University Faculty

(By‑Laws Part 2, Section 16)


A Committee on Nominations shall be established for nominating representatives of the Faculty to the Board of Governors, the Senate, the Committee for Selection of the President, Committees on Studies, the Committee on Discipline, the Committee on University Budgets, and to any other group who may wish to seek its assistance.

The Committee shall be composed of seven (7) members from the following categories:
1. One from the lecturer or assistant professor levels
2. One from the associate professor level
3. One from the professor level
4. Four Faculty members at large


Members of the Committee shall be elected annually by the University Faculty. If there are more nominations than positions to be filled, election shall be by secret ballot

All members shall enjoy two-year terms of office on this Committee and shall not be eligible for immediate re‑election.

The Committee shall elect its own Chair and Secretary each year at its first meeting.

The Chair, the Secretary, and another member shall constitute a quorum.

Normally, notice of positions to be filled shall be given to Faculty seven days prior to the Committee meeting at which nominates will be considered for those positions.

Reports of the Committee on Nominations shall be in the hands of the Chair of the appropriate electing body 48 hours before meetings when elections are to be held.

The Committee on Nominations shall:

a) provide, upon request, names of candidates for election, provided prior approval of these candidates has been obtained;
b) keep a continuing record of all operating committees (sensu lato) with the names of recent and current members;
c) meet at least once yearly for the following purposes;

1. a review of the jurisdiction and usefulness of all committees for which it nominates members; and,
2.recommendations to the appropriate bodies of the dismissal of certain committees, or of changes in their jurisdiction.

ELECTED BY: University Faculty
DATE: Second meeting, c. October 15
TERM: Two years
NUMBER: Seven members (one lecturer or assistant, one associate professor, one professor, four members-at-large)
NOTE: Rank limitations etc.


Committee Membership

Earla Wilputte2 Year2016-10-012018-10-01
Nancy Forestell2 Year2016-10-012018-10-01
Réjeanne LeBlanc2 Year2016-10-012018-10-01
Angie Kolen2 Year2016-04-012018-04-01
Stephen Finbow2 Year2016-04-012018-04-01
Brad Long2 Year2015-10-012017-10-01Faculty of Business
Chris Gilham2 Year2015-10-012017-10-01Faculty of Education
Andrew Foran2 Year2014-10-012016-10-01
Jen Jamieson2 Year2014-10-012016-10-01
Lynda Harling-Stalker2 Year2014-10-012016-10-01
Rhonda Semple2 Year2014-10-012016-10-01
Truis Smith-PalmerChair2 Year2014-10-012016-10-01
Claudia Schaler2 Year2013-10-012015-10-01
Robert Madden2 Year2013-10-012015-10-01
Mike Melchin2 Year2012-10-012014-10-01
Norine Verberg2 Year2012-10-012014-10-01
Robert White2 Year2012-10-012014-10-01
Neil Foshay2 Year2011-10-012013-10-01
Réjeanne LeBlanc2 Year2011-10-012013-10-01
Lisa Lunney Borden2 Year2010-10-012012-10-01
Patti Hansen-Ketchum2 Year2010-10-012012-10-01
Paul Marquis2 Year2010-10-012012-10-01
Robert Zecker2 Year2010-10-012012-10-01
Jennifer Sullivan2 Year2011-10-012012-05-01Off - May 2012
Elizabeth McGibbon2 Year2009-10-012011-10-01
Lavinia Stan2 Year2009-10-012011-10-01
Lou Bilek 2 Year2009-10-012011-10-01
Hossein Abolghasem2 Year2010-10-012011-09-01off
Allene MacIsaac2 Year2007-10-012009-10-01
Edward Langille2 Year2007-10-012009-10-01
Man Lin2 Year2006-10-012008-10-01
Sasho Mackenzie2 Year2006-10-012008-10-01
Yvon GrenierChair2 Year2006-10-012008-10-01
Robert Madden2 Year2005-10-012007-10-01
Carl Adams2 Year2005-10-012007-10-01Off
James Cormier2 Year2004-10-012006-10-01
Lucian Turcescu2 Year2004-10-012006-10-01
Sherryl Vint2 Year2004-10-012006-10-01
Ursula Fabijancic 2 Year2004-10-012006-10-01
Edwin DeMont2 Year2003-10-012005-10-01
Mary Oxner2 Year2003-10-012005-10-01
Jim Bickerton2 Year2002-10-012004-10-01
Pamela Black2 Year2002-10-012004-10-01
Ping Wang2 Year2002-10-012004-10-01
Leo MacDonald2 Year2001-10-012003-10-01
Truis Smith-Palmer2 Year2001-10-012003-10-01
Rodney Haddow2 Year2001-10-012003-10-01off
Annette Ahern2 Year2000-10-012002-10-01
David Garbary2 Year2000-10-012002-10-01
Lisa Mullin2 Year2000-10-012002-10-01Off

50 members.