Committee on Research Integrity (CORI)

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Active

Committee Elected By: University Faculty


This committee of four members shall be elected by the faculty. It will elect a chair from its members. The members shall be elected for three year terms, except the initial appointment when terms shall be staggered so that two faculty members shall serve two years and two shall serve three years. The responsibilities of the committee are:
(i) The continued development and refinement of policy and procedures relating to ethical issues in research;
(ii) to discuss with any individual within the University community concerns she/he might have about integrity in research;
(iii) to investigate complaints of research misconduct brought to them through the Formal Process;
iv) to maintain strict confidentiality about any ethical concerns brought to them or about any complaint they mediate except that they may discuss these concerns or complaints with the Advisor;
v) upon completion of the formal process, to write a report of each complaint.

ELECTED BY: University Faculty
DATE: 2nd meeting, October 15
TERM: 3 years


Committee Membership

Karen Blair3 Year2016-10-012019-10-01
Ken Penner3 Year2016-10-012019-10-01
Mel Lam3 Year2015-10-012018-10-01
Todd Boyle3 Year2015-10-012018-10-01
Brenda Appleby3 Year2013-10-012016-10-01
Joanne Whitty-Rogers3 Year2013-10-012016-10-01Chair
Daniel Kane3 Year2012-10-012015-10-01
Jennifer Mitton Kukner2 Year2013-10-012015-10-01
Christopher Byrne3 Year2010-10-012013-10-01
Gabrielle Durepos3 Year2010-10-012013-10-01
Karine LeBris3 Year2010-10-012013-10-01
Erika Koch 3 Year2009-10-012012-10-01
Brandon van Zyl3 Year2007-10-012010-10-01
Willie Quinn 3 Year2007-10-012010-10-01
Christopher Byrne3 Year2006-10-012009-10-01
Shilpi Majumder3 Year2006-10-012009-10-01off
Tony Miller3 Year2005-10-012008-10-01
Lars Hallstrom3 Year2005-10-012008-10-01off
Robert White3 Year2004-10-012007-10-01
Kim MacLean3 Year2004-10-012007-10-01off
Hosein Marzi3 Year2002-10-012005-10-01
Hugo Beltrami3 Year2002-10-012005-10-01
Anthony Davis3 Year2002-10-012005-10-01off
Tony Miller3 Year2001-10-012004-10-01
Roberto Martinez-Espineira3 Year2001-10-012004-10-01off
Margaret Olson 3 Year1999-10-012002-10-01
Roy Rasmussen3 Year1999-10-012002-10-01

27 members.