Committee On Responsible Consumption (CORC)

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Inactive

Committee Elected By: N/A

-- Inactive (2009-04-06) --


10 Students
The Director of Student Services
Two appointees of the Health and Counselling Centre
An appointee of the N.S. Drug Dependency Commission
A member of the Psychology Department
A member of the Sociology Department
A nutritionist from the Dept. of Nutrition & Consumer Studies
At the end of each year the tenure of five of the student members shall lapse and the committee shall replace them.
Other vacancies shall be filled by appointments made by the committee as needed. The Director of Student Services shall call the first meeting in each year, at which time a Chair shall be elected from the student members.


The objective of the committee shall be to promote responsible decision‑making in alcohol use. To this end the committee shall:
a) Develop alcohol education programs directed to the development of healthy attitudes regarding the use of alcohol.
b) Maintain a program to give volunteers a competency to interact positively with peers experiencing difficulties (directly or indirectly) with the use of alcohol.
c) Promote the positive aspects of alcohol use by the development of specific programs.
The Director of Student Services shall be responsible for ensuring that the committee continues to strive to fulfil its objective. In this he shall be assisted by a student co-ordinator. This position shall be open to competition and the person shall be selected jointly by the Director of Student Services and the President of the Students' Union in consultation with a student advisory committee.


Committee Membership


0 members.