Committee on Studies - Faculty of Science

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Active

Committee Elected By: Faculty of Science

(By‑Laws, Part II, Section VII, Article 1, 11.)

For each Faculty, there shall be established a Committee on Studies composed of seven members.

Each Committee on Studies shall be composed of: (1) The Dean of Faculty [ex officio]; (2) four members of the Committee elected by their own faculty to serve three‑year terms; (3) two students.

A Committee member who has just completed three years of service shall be ineligible for immediate reelection.

The Executive Sub-committee of the Committee on Studies shall be composed of the members of the Committee described in 1 and 2 above.

Joint meetings of Committees on Studies to deal with matters of common concern to other faculties shall be convoked by the Vice-President with responsibility for academic affairs; (s)he shall designate a chairman pro tem for such meetings.

ELECTED BY: Faculty of Science
DATE: Spring Meetings of Faculties
TERM: Three years
NUMBER: Four members


Committee Membership

Jen Jamieson3 Year2017-04-012020-04-01
Sasho Mackenzie3 Year2017-04-012020-04-01
Lori Graham 3 Year2016-04-012019-04-01
Mike Melchin3 Year2016-07-012019-04-01
Jo-Anne MacDonald2 Year2015-04-012017-04-01
Martin Van Bommel3 Year2014-04-012017-04-01
Peggy Gallant3 Year2015-04-012016-07-01
Dieter Klapstein3 Year2013-04-012016-04-01
Jo-Anne MacDonald1 Year2014-07-012015-04-01
Patricia Mazier 2 Year2013-04-012015-04-01
Debbie Vossen2 Year2013-04-012014-06-01
Peter Marzlin3 Year2011-04-012014-04-01
Ping Zhou3 Year2011-04-012014-04-01
Wolfram Bentz3 Year2011-04-012014-04-01off
Gerrard Marangoni3 Year2010-04-012013-04-01
Jane MoseleyUnknown2013-03-012013-04-01Replacing Charmaine McPherson
Charmaine McPherson3 Year2011-04-012013-03-01off
Angela Beye3 Year2008-04-012011-04-01
Hugo Beltrami3 Year2008-04-012011-04-01
Laurence Yang3 Year2008-04-012011-04-01
Patricia Hawley3 Year2007-04-012010-04-01off
Galina Orlova3 Year2005-04-012008-04-01
Grant Ferguson3 Year2005-04-012008-04-01
Robert Van den Hoogen3 Year2005-04-012008-04-01off
Judith Shaw3 Year2004-04-012007-04-01
Barry Wallbank3 Year2003-04-012006-04-01
Mike Melchin3 Year2003-04-012006-04-01
Martin Van Bommel3 Year2002-04-012005-04-01
Dieter Klapstein3 Year2002-04-012005-04-01off
Alan Anderson3 Year2001-04-012004-04-01off
Lori Graham 3 Year2001-04-012004-04-01off
Ellie MacFarlane 3 Year2000-04-012003-04-01
Jacques Boucher3 Year1999-04-012002-04-01

33 members.