Education And Information Technology Commitee

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Obsolete

Committee Elected By: Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science

(Disbanded April 2000. Mandate transferred to Academic Computing Committee)

This committee replaced the former Computer Services Committee and it's two sub-committees; the Education Technology Committee and the Electronic Information Network Committee.

The Education and Information Technology Committee shall have responsibility to advise the president on policies, priorities and resource allocation with respect to education and information technology.


President [Chair]
Vice-President Administration
Dean of Arts
Dean of Science
Senior Advisor on Information Technology
Director of Student Services and Registrar
University Librarian
Two members elected by the Faculty of Arts for terms of two years
Two members elected by the Faculty of Science for terms of two years
One student selected by the President of the Students’ Union for a term of one year
One Faculty member is elected each year by each Faculty at its last meeting of the academic year. The student member will be elected each year by 1 October.

The Committee meets at least once per academic term.

ELECTED: Arts & Science Faculties
DATE: Fall
TERM: Two (2) years
NUMBER: Four (4) faculty members, administrators, one student.


Committee Membership


0 members.