University Senate - Committee on Honorary Degrees

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Active

Committee Elected By: University Senate

1. The Committee on Honorary Degrees is a Standing Committee of Senate.

2. The Committee shall be composed of four (4) members, two (2) of whom shall be elected by the Senate, the third appointed by the President, and the fourth, a student, appointed by the President following consultation with the President of the Students’ Union.

3. The Committee shall appoint its own Chair.

Terms of Reference:
1. This Committee shall receive names of persons proposed as candidates for Honorary Degrees, and shall present to Senate a roster of candidates for Honorary Degrees to be awarded, at general or special convocations.
2. Senate shall have the opportunity to consider all candidates proposed by the Committee before proceeding to vote on any one of these candidates.
3. Senate will normally consider candidates for Honorary Degrees only if:
a. advance notice is given to members of Senate that this topic is to be considered, and
b. curriculum vitae for each nominee for an Honorary degree is available to members of Senate at least one-half hour in advance of the relevant Senate meeting.
4. Any name duly submitted to the Committee may be included in the review by Senate even though the Committee may not have included it in its list of candidates.
5. Any member of the Senate may nominate for a ballot for an Honorary Degree, any name properly submitted to the Committee, even though the person named has not received the recommendation of the Committee.
6. A separate ballot shall be taken for each candidate, with a two-thirds majority required for approval.

To the University Senate as required; generally last day of February for May Convocation and September meeting for Fall Convocation.

DATE: October
TERM: 2 years
NUMBER: 2 members


Committee Membership

Lesley Jane McMillan2 Year2016-10-012018-10-01
Mary McGillivray2 Year2016-10-012018-10-01
Elsa Jensen2 Year2014-10-012016-10-01
Ursula Fabijancic 2 Year2015-10-012016-10-01Retired
Guy Lalande2 Year2013-10-012015-10-01
V. Karunakaran2 Year2012-10-012014-10-01
Laura Lee Kearns2 Year2011-10-012013-10-01
Tara Taylor2 Year2011-10-012013-10-01
Michael Linkletter2 Year2009-10-012011-10-01
RĂ©jeanne LeBlanc2 Year2009-10-012011-10-01
Mark Fuller2 Year2007-10-012009-10-01
Martin Van Bommel2 Year2007-10-012009-10-01
Samuel Kalman2 Year2005-10-012007-10-01
Peggy Gallant2 Year2004-10-012006-10-01
Ernst Schuegraf2 Year2003-10-012005-10-01
William Sweet2 Year2002-10-012004-10-01
Ken DenheyerChair2 Year2002-10-012004-10-01off
Ursula Fabijancic 2 Year2001-10-012003-10-01
Gary BrooksChair2 Year2000-10-012002-10-01
John Beck2 Year2000-10-012002-10-01

20 members.